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A long-hidden disease is pulled from the shadows by its cousin, long COVID

Like long COVID sufferers, people with the disease called ME/CFS, or chronic fatigue...

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Encrypted, One-Touch, Human-Machine Interface Technology Unveils User Physiology

Researchers at UCLA and Stanford University have developed a secure, noninvasive, one-touch technology using hydrogel-coated chemical sensors and a signal-interpretation

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Scientist Ron Davis Is Fighting to Cure His Son's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: 'It's Like a Living Death'

Stanford geneticist Ron Davis tackles the chronic fatigue syndrome that has left his 37-year-old son bedridden


A scientist's quest to cure his son could help unravel the mystery of Covid-19 long haulers

After his son developed a mysterious disease following a viral infection, Stanford geneticist Ron Davis dropped everything to focus on curing the illness. That work on a cure for ME/CFS gives him unique insight into treating the viral aftereffects in Covid long haulers.

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“The Puzzle Solver”: Exploring A Medical Mystery — TPG, Inc.

Exploring Medical Mystery The Puzzle Solver Follows Father Fight For His Son Jondi Gumz Times Publishing Group Inc

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