Companies initiated from activities at our center

The SGTC has served as a start-up company incubator. As of April 2004 it has spun-off 10 companies and has several ongoing collaborations.

Past SGTC personnel that have had a major impact on technology transfer and the private sector

Mostafa Ronaghi   CTO, Founder, Co-Founder Illumina, NextBio, Avantome, ParAllele Bioscience
Anthony Berno   Senior Bioinformaticist Affymetrix
Thomas Willis   Co-Founder, CEO ParAlleleBioscience
Herbert Heyneker
  Founder Protogen
Tom Brennan   President Protogen
John Mulligan   VP Research 
Mark Chee   Co-Founder Illumina
Joel Bellenson   President Pangea (DoubleTwist)
Scott Hunicke-Smith   President GeneMachines
Andrew Conway   President Silicon Genetics
Raymond Cho   Founder Ingenuity Systems
Dan Richards   Founder Ingenuity Systems
Rick Norgren   President Norgren Systems
Deval Lashkari   VP Research 
Michael Walker   President Walker Bioscience