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Fellowship Program Overview


  Our program offers fellowship training and many research, clinical, educational, antimicrobial stewardship, hospital epidemiology, and other opportunities to postdoctoral fellows who wish to specialize in infectious diseases.


    Our fellowships (aside from the one-year Transplant ID fellowship) are an ACGME-accredited programs with an emphasis on clinical care, education, and research.


The ID division cheer squad for the Stanford BugBowl champion team at ID Week in 2018

Our Program's Aim

    Provide comprehensive clinical training to enable fellows to become outstanding clinicians, teachers, and researchers in a wide variety of disciplines related to infectious diseases.  


    Train thought leaders who will guide programs nationally and globally through the rapidly changing landscape of infectious diseases clinical care, training, and research.


Welcome to the Stanford Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program

ID Fellowship Program Director, Dr. Brian Blackburn

"What makes our program stand out the most is the people"

    Thank you for your interest in Stanford’s Infectious Diseases Fellowship.  Our program’s aim is to provide outstanding ID training for fellows with a wide variety of career interests and goals.  Our program currently contains four tracks – a Research (Traditional) Track, a Clinician Educator (CE) Track, an Antimicrobial Stewardship (ASP) Track, and a Hospital Epidemiology / Infection Prevention & Control (HE/IPC) Track.

    Fellows in all four tracks participate in a clinically-oriented first year, and have identical General ID (first-year) and HIV (second-year) clinic experiences.  In the second year, the tracks diverge, with Research Track fellows focusing on research projects under the guidance of their mentor, CE Track fellows focusing on clinical and educational endeavors tailored to their interests (in addition to clinical time), and ASP and HE/IPC Track fellows focusing on ASP or HE/IPC activities along with a small amount of clinical time.  We also welcome applicants who are interested in a dual ID-Critical Care Medicine (CCM) fellowship experience, and will collaborate with the CCM fellowship program to facilitate this.

    Our fellowship program offers outstanding clinical training, research, and educational opportunities, which we will help tailor to a fellow’s interests.  Among others, areas of clinical focus  More in our program include Transplant ID, ICU-ID, antimicrobial stewardship, hospital epidemiology, and Ortho-ID.  We have inpatient services dedicated specifically to the care of patients who have infections in the context of hematologic malignancies and stem cell transplants, those who have received solid organ transplants, and those who are in the ICU.  We also have General ID services at all three of our program hospitals (Stanford, the Palo Alto VA, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center), each of which has a unique patient population and different strengths.  We also have a separate Transplant ID fellowship program.  The ASP and HE/IPC programs at Stanford are outstanding, run by national and international leaders in the field, and have numerous and diverse opportunities for research projects.

    Our Research Track fellows have access to outstanding mentors in a diverse array of fields, both within and outside of our division.  At Stanford, fellows are immersed in a rich university environment, wherein research and collaborative opportunities abound.  Our fellows have an excellent track record of obtaining grants, and we provide robust salary support for them as well.  Furthermore, fellows who graduated our program during the 2010s have published over 300 peer-reviewed journal articles in just the last five years.

    All of these characteristics make Stanford’s ID fellowship an outstanding place to train, and a program that will help ID fellows achieve their career goals.  Fellows from our program have gone on to a wide variety of outstanding, highly competitive positions upon graduation, from academia, to public health, to industry, to private practice.

    What makes our program stand out the most, though is the people.  At Stanford, we have the privilege of being able to work with truly outstanding fellows, faculty, and staff.  The people here are truly nice folks that create an environment of camaraderie, openness, support, and collaboration.  We hope you will consider our program highly for your training needs, and please feel free to contact us for any further information.



Global Health Clinical Opportunities

Clinical rotations overseas can be done through the Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson Global Health Scholars Program, which involves 4-6 week-long rotations at one of several sites available through this program, or at one of the separate Stanford-specific sites which involve different funding source but the same application process:

J&J sites include:

  • Colombia (Cali)
  • South Africa (Tugela Ferry)
  • Rwanda (Kigali and Butare)
  • Uganda (Kampala)
  • Indian Health Service Sites serving Navajo Nation (Chinle, AZ and Shiprock, NM)

Additional Sites  More 
(Stanford only):

Different funding source but same application process

  • Ecuador  (Quito and Galapagos)
  • Ethiopia (Negele Arsi)
  • Zimbabwe (Harare)

Find out more at Yale/Stanford Johnson and Johnson Global Health Scholars Program


Training Sites

Stanford Health Care

Palo Alto VA

SCVMC ("Valley")

Program Highlights

2018 IDSA BugBowl Champs!

The Stanford ID team won the BugBowl trivia game during the IDSA's IDWeek conference in San Francisco in October 2018.

The contestants were:
  • Matt Hitchock - former Traditional (Research) fellow
  • Chitra Punjabi - former CE track fellow
  • Nathan Lo - former student under Dr. Jason Andrews' mentorship
  • Coralee Del Valle Mojica - former Peds ID fellow

Read where our fellowship alums are HERE.

2021 ID Fellows Cup Champs!

The ID Fellows Cup was a friendly medical education competition amongst ID fellows with the objective of reviewing board-relevant ID core topics through daily multiple-choice questions. Our team answered several questions each day for three weeks via a virtual platform, scoring points for each correct answer. Our amazing ID fellows WON the 2021 ID Fellows Cup, outpacing a multitude of U.S. and international ID training programs. Our Stanford team consisted of

  • Gustavo Contreras
  • Seth Hoffman
  • Julie Lee
  • Natalie Medvedeva
  • Ralph Tayyar
  • Read more about our fellows HERE.

    Annual Wellness & Career

    Every year, the ID Chief Fellows coordinate a retreat that addresses physician burnout/wellness and career planning/guidance with Q/As from both a research and clinician faculty. Attendance is highly encouraged as it provides a meaningful connection with peers that is not always present during rotations in the academic year. Coverage is assigned to Attendings to allow for this reprieve.

    The retreat is during a weekend with overnight stay at a voted-on location (previous locations were Landmark Vineyards near Sonoma, CA and a retreat house in the Santa Cruz mountains). 


    Educational, Travel, Publications Funds

    The program is committed to the education and success of its trainees. The following funds are provided to all fellows for the duration of their training:

    Educational Fund: this fund of $1250 has been used for board exam fees, board prep materials, courses, and license renewals to name a few. 

    Travel Fund: if a fellow wishes to present a poster, oral presentation, or are involved in other active participation (e.g. panel discussant), at an ID-focused conference, there is another $1k fund to help cover travel/conference fees.

    Publication Fund: this fund of $1k is used to defray costs associated with the publication of work (e.g. journal publication fees). 

    Perks & Activities

    Stipends & Bonuses


    Effective: 9/5/2022

    Year Annual Per Month
    III $83,657.60 $6,971.33
    IV $88,400.00 $7,366.53
    V $93,953.60 $7,829.32
    VI $98,092.80 $8,174.24
    VII $103,604.80 $8,633.57
    VIII $108,326.40 $9,027.03 

    Bonuses and details HERE.

    Physician Wellness

    The HealthySteps to Wellness Program gives you the freedom to design your own path to a healthier lifestyle. In addition to free and discounted Wellness Tools, you also have the ability to earn a wellness incentive of $100 to $1,000! Learn more HERE.

    In addition, the Department of Graduate Medical Education (GME) is committed to ensuring that fellows remain physically and mentally healthy while completing their training programs. Fellowships can be an inherently stressful time, and it is important to take care of yourself so that you can get the most out of your educational experience. The following resources are available to help you through particularly stressful or otherwise difficult situations:

    • The Stanford Faculty and Staff Help Center
    • Office of the Ombudsperson
    • Ann Dohn, Director of GME, and the Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

    Click HERE for GME's Persk on the Job flyer

    Diversity & Inclusion

    The Department of Medicine's mission for Diversity & Inclusion is:

    To create the kind of community that helps us all thrive and prosper, we must create processes that advance equity and inclusion for every aspect of human differences, including but not limited to socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, geography, disability and age. We are committed to reflecting, celebrating and nurturing this diversity. Our goal is to educate ourselves and pursue meaningful practices that support diversity, equity and inclusion in recruitment, mentorship and work environment. When we do so, we improve our collective potential to achieve in ways that benefit members of our Department, the entire Stanford community and everyone we serve.

    The DoM hosted its first ever Diversity & Inclusion Week in January 2020.

    Click HERE to learn more and see upcoming events.



    Discounted Game Tickets

    Stanford Athletics - Faculty/Staff Ticket Discounts

    • To purchase discounted seasoned tickets, please call the Athletics Ticket Office at 1-800-STANFORD. Please have your employee ID ready to receive the discount.
    • To purchase discounted tickets for a single game, please go to the respective stadium box office on the day of the event. Please have your employee ID ready to receive the discount.


    Stanford Shopping Center

    Stanford Shopping Center is a premier open-air shopping and dining destination with Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Jeffrey, Neiman Marcus, Wilkes Bashford and more than 140 world-class specialty stores, ranging from luxury brands to local favorites. 

    Enjoy an extraordinary mix of restaurants and cafes from Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, True Foods Kitchen and The Melt, to Yucca de Lac and so many more. Shop at Sigona's Farmers Market for the freshest California produce and gourmet specialty foods.

    Breathtaking gardens, sculptures and fountains accent the garden environment that people come from all over the world to see.

    660 Stanford Shopping Center
    Palo Alto, CA 94304

    Athletic Training Facilities

    Stanford Athletic Courtesy/ID Card Athletic Access Pass Cards are FREE for House Staff.
    The pass will be given at your GME Orientation. Your house staff badge/photo ID is required. Spouses and domestic partners of House Staff are NOT eligible for a courtesy card. The cost is $10 for any guest pass for the entire day which may be used at both gyms & the aquatic center. Children are also $10 for a day pass but may have less access than adults (certain hours only).There is also a resident/fellow (only) gym located in the GME 4th floor Call Quarters.

    Golf Course Privileges House staff may sign up to be on the GME golf list and play at a reduced rate of $25.
    Sign-ups must be in person at the GME Office, room HC435. House staff are given up to two (2) months on a first come, first serve basis. House staff may sign up for additional months in the low-demand months. View fees HERE. For additional rules, golf course hours and general information, call: (650) 724-0944 or click HERE

    Beaches & Wineries

    The Top 5 Beaches near Stanford (The Stanford Daily)

    Wineries: There are many California wineries based in Santa Cruz Mountains, that expands upward to Napa and Sonoma counties. 





    Tour San Francisco

    San Francisco is about a 40 minute drive north. I-280 is the most scenic route compared to Highway 101.

    Try the famous sourdough bread, visit a fortune cookie factory, and stop by Ghiradelli Square for a mini history lesson and sundae treat.

    Click link HERE for more things to do in SF.




    Nearby Hiking Trails

    The Dish is a popular hiking spot.