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  • May 2020: Congrats to Drs. Phil Grant, Aruna Subramanian and Drs. Mark Holodniy and Aarthi Chary on their New England Journal of Medicine papers showing benefit of RDV in patients with Covid-19
  • May 2020: The IDSA Foundation features Dr. Lucy Tompkins as their second 2020 Woman of ID. Read about her contributions here.
  • April 2020: Cheers to Dr. Jason Andrews on his promotion to Associate Professor, and Dr. Hector Bonilla on his promotion to Clinical Associate Professor!
  • January 2020: Congrats Dr. Shanthi Kappagoda on her promotion to Clinical Associate Professor!
  • November 2019: Dr. Julie Parsonnet one of three professors elected to National Academy of Medicine. More info here.
  • September: 2019: More cheers for Dr. Paul Bollyky on his promotion to Associate Professor!
  • August 2019: congrats Dr. Marisa Holubar on your promotion to Clinical Associate Professor!

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The Stanford ID team won the BugBowl trivia game during the IDSA IDWeek conference in San Francisco October 2018.

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Our Infectious Diseases Faculty on Coronavirus

ABC7 | Feb. 4, 2020: Coronavirus: Can the outbreak affect pets? Expert explains

  • For those worrying about if their pets can catch the coronavirus, Dr. Eran Bendavid says it's "exceptionally unlikely."

Vox | Feb. 13, 2020: “No handshakes, please”: The tech industry is terrified of the coronavirus

  • Dr. Stan Deresinski explains transmission is primarily through respiratory droplets with handshakes being secondary, yet there is always a risk.

Bloomberg | Feb 16, 2020: Fears of Global Coronavirus Contagion as 3,000 Cruise Passengers Go Home

  • Dr. Stan Deresinski warns there is a possibility anyone infected and asymptomatic could start a chain of infection wherever they return.

CBS SF Bay Area | Feb 26, 2020: San Francisco Declares Emergency Over ‘Growing Likelihood’ Of Coronavirus Cases

  • Dr. Eran Bendavid forwarns everything he has seen thus far suggests the virus will spread in the U.S. 

NBC Bay Area | Feb 28, 2020: Do You Really Need a Face Mask to Avoid Coronavirus Spread?

  • Dr. Stan Deresinski responds to questions regarding a highly-coveted, new shopping item—the face mask.

KTVU Fox 2 | March 2, 2020: More coronavirus cases in Santa Clara County; total is now at nine

  • Dr. Aruna Subramanian informs the importance of taking precautions, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing.

Live Science | March 4, 2020: These 5 mistakes could worsen the coronavirus outbreak

  • Dr. Stan Deresinski cautions why these mistakes are not only costly to yourself but others.

WSJ | March 24, 2020: Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?

  • In this op-ed, Dr. Eran Bendavid estimates the Covid-19 fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude.


The New Yorker | April 6, 2020: The Quest for a Pandemic Pill

  • Dr. Shirit Einav talks about the host-targeted drug approach.

ABC News | April 17, 2020: Scientists have strong evidence coronavirus originated naturally

  • Dr. Bob Shafer discusses the origins of the novel coronavirus. 

Pop Sugar | April 28, 2020: There's an Emerging, Promising Link Between Exercise and Your Immune Health

  • Dr. Aruna Subramanian and Dr. Dean Winslow weigh in on the exercise benefits on psychological and immune health.

SF Chronicle | April 29, 2020: Gilead drug remdesivir shows promise in two coronavirus trials

  • Dr. Aruna Subramanian discusses the promising results to the experimental coronavirus drug remdesivir.

SF Chronicle | May 14, 2020: Bay Area doctors prepare for coronavirus in looming flu season

  • Dr. David Relman advises needed strategies for a resurgence of cases and a potentially much deadlier situation in the winter.

NBC Bay Area | June 15, 2020: Governor, Bay Area Health Experts Urge People to Wear Face Coverings

  • Dr. Dean Winslow encourages mask wearing when social distancing is not an option.

The Washington Post | June 26, 2020: What is pool testing and how does it work?

  • Dr. Benjamin Pinsky's lab did pool testing before a coronavirus test was available, proving it was not yet widespread December through February.

KTVU Fox 2 | July 1, 2020: Stanford researchers to start clinical trial of COVID-19 drug in pill form

  • Dr. Benjamin Pinsky talks about the buzz test that sacrifices speed for accuracy.

Medical Daily | Oct. 13, 2020: Why Trump's 'Cure' Isn't Ready for Approval

  • Dr. Aruna Subramanian discusses why she's skeptical about the president's drug cocktail being made availble to the public immediately.



Read further press on the Interferon-Lambda clinical trial

You’re Cooler Than You Think: 98.6 Temperature No Longer the Norm

Written by Lesley McClurg on January 9, 2020

A new study published in the journal eLife reports the average body temperature of Americans has declined by 1.1 degree Fahrenheit since the Civil War. The authors say the 98.6 degrees standard set in 1851 by a German physician is no longer the average in the United States.

"We shouldn't be stuck on 98.6 as being some magical number that if you're above it, you're febrile," said Dr. Julie Parsonnet, who teaches medicine as well as health research and policy at Stanford. "And if you're below it, you're not."

The researchers hypothesize that better public health and consistent indoor temperatures may be reasons for the steady decline.

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