The 2017 Merigan Lecture

The Annual Thomas C. Merigan Jr. Lecture

Each year the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine hosts the Thomas C. Merigan, Jr. Lecture. This endowed lectureship is in honor of Dr. Merigan, Professor Emeritus, and the former Chief of the division of Infectious Diseases at Stanford. Dr. Merigan is an internationally known virologist whose laboratory contributed the tests to measure HIV viral load, among many other notable achievements, and he trained many leaders in the field of infectious diseases. Each year, the lectureships brings a renowned scientist to speak about their work in infectious diseases at Medicine Grand Rounds. The first lecture, in 1994, was given by Dr. Jonas Salk.

Timeline of Speakers

  • 1994 Jonas E. Salk, MD
  • 1995 Karl Johnson, MD
  • 1996 Robert Channock, MD
  • 1997 Baruch Blumberg, MD
  • 1998 Robert C. Gallo, MD
  • 1999 Maurice R. Hilleman, PhD, DSc
  • 2000 Michael B. A. Oldstone, MD
  • 2001 Stanley N. Cohen, MD
  • 2002 Harriet Robinson, PhD
  • 2003 Richard D. Klausner, MD
  • 2006 John E. Wennberg, MD, MPH
  • 2007 Lawrence Corey, MD
  • 2008 Douglas Richman, MD
  • 2009 Mark Wainberg, PhD
  • 2010 Caroline Hall, MD
  • 2012 Anthony S. Fauci, MD
  • 2013 Thomas C. Quinn, MD
  • 2014 Bruce Walker, MD
  • 2015 Julie Overbaugh, PhD
  • 2016 Peter Piot, MD, PhD, FRCP
  • 2017 David Heymann, MD
  • 2018 Steven Holland, MD
  • 2019 Anne Schuchat, MD
  • 2020 Canceled (COVID-19)
  • 2021 Pardis Sabeti
  • 2022 Jesse Bloom

Dr. Jesse Bloom

The 2023 Merigan Lecturer

Dr. Jesse Bloom studies evolution using viruses and viral proteins as models. Specifically focusing on the fast-evolving influenza virus, Bloom aims to understand how mutations in viral genes shape the pathogen’s ability to infect and spread. He uses computational biology and real-world data to build evolutionary models and examine different scales of viral evolution, from evolution within a single host to evolution on a global scale. In doing so, Bloom addresses both fundamental and translational questions, including those with relevance to developing more effective seasonal flu vaccines.


Wed., December 15, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.

Title TBD - Zoom

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Dr. Thomas C. Merigan, Professor Emeritus