Outreach with The Tech Interactive

Since 2002, the Genetics Department has partnered with The Tech Interactive (The Tech) to run a suite of public outreach programs designed to educate, excite, and inform the general public about genetics and science.  

Questions? Please email Abbey Thompson.

Get Involved

We currently offer two different programs:

The Stanford at The Tech program brings 12-16 participants to The Tech each year for an intensive science communication experience. Program participants facilitate hands-on experiences for thousands of museum visitors each year, write articles for a website that reaches millions worldwide, receive training in science communication, and learn about alternative career paths. This program requires a commitment of 4-6 hours for two quarters, with a small time provided for your time.

Want to know more about this program? See more details here.

The Book-a-Biologist program matches local middle and high school teachers with volunteer guest speakers. This is a virtual program that allows scientists to practice speaking with non-experts, in a friendly and welcoming environment. Volunteers can choose sessions that fit their schedule, with no minimum time commitment.

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Other highlighted projects

Tech for Tomorrow virtual field trip

Dive inside the tiny world of the microbiome with Professor Ami Bhatt to learn how bacteria can communicate with one another and form structured communities.

Ask-a-Geneticist blog

Ever wondered why crabs can regenerate limbs while humans can’t? Or exactly how related Joffrey, Tommen, and Mycella Lannister are? Or how two brown-haired parents can have a blond child?

Browse through answers to hundreds of genetics questions like these, asked by real people and answered by participants in the Stanford at The Tech program. This resource receives millions of users each year, and new articles are published several times per month.

The Biotinkering Lab

The Tech’s award-winning Biotinkering Initiative explores the squishy intersection of biology, design, technology and making to create unique experiences that empower people of all ages and backgrounds to use biology as a creative and problem-solving medium. 

We are currently working alongside The Tech’s in-house biology team to develop a repertoire of novel biotinkering activities as a new way to inspire and equip young people from diverse backgrounds to participate in the dynamic landscape of modern biotechnology. This work is supported by a 5 year SEPA grant from the National Institutes of Health.