Masters of Science Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling

The Stanford MS Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling is a two-year program located in a world renowned Genetics Department and a top 10 medical school, alongside two nationally ranked hospitals in one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse areas of the country. This all-in-one campus allows students to learn from a range of academic and clinical experts and thought leaders who utilize state-of-the-art testing laboratories, research facilities, and genomics resources to train students to work with patients and clients in a wide range of settings and from multicultural backgrounds. The curriculum provides a balance of cutting-edge genomics technology with strong psychosocial counseling techniques and research training. We emphasize critical thinking skills that will be increasingly needed as genetics and genomics is translated into new professional settings. All aspects of the training are tailored so that content is clinically applicable from the start. The program began in 2008 and is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC).

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Genetic Counseling students gathered to celebrate Genetic Counselor Awareness Day on Nov. 8, 2018

Class of 2022

Class of 2023