The Department of Genetics at Stanford University School of Medicine is committed to advancing genetic research and mentoring the next generation of diverse scientists through undergraduate training, graduate programs, and postdoctoral opportunities.

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program in the Department of Genetics provides opportunities for graduate study in all major areas of modern genetics, including identification and analysis of human disease genes, molecular evolution, gene therapy, statistical genetics, application of model organisms to problems in biology and medicine, and computational and experimental approaches to genome biology.

Learn more about the Genetics Ph.D. Program here.

Master's Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling

The Master’s Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling is a translational two-year program that combines coursework, research projects, and fieldwork rotations into a multifaceted training curriculum that is immediately clinically applicable.

Learn more about the Master’s Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling here


Postdoctoral Studies

The Department’s cutting-edge research would not be possible without our postdoctoral scholars. We are always recruiting up-and-coming scientists, and have laboratories that cover a wide range of research interests.

Summer Research Opportunities

The Department offers summer research opportunities for both undergraduate and high school students. See more information about the Genomics Stanford Summer Research Program here or information about high school programs here.

The Stanford Summer Research Program cohort of 2019.