Divina Almeda-Macugay

Administrative Assistant

Divina has worked  in Genetics since 2015.  She is responsible for  administrative tasks,  reimbursement expenses, pcard/travel card  processing for the Snyder Lab and Baker Lab.

Dawn Billman

Events Manager

Dawn oversees the department events, website, and is a staff liaison to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advocacy student led group. She More  joined the Genetics Department in 2019, but has volunteered or worked professionally on campus since 1998. She is always happy to help plan an event, update the website with new student information, or be a resource for who to contact in Palo Alto.


Anita Bivens

Associate Director of Administration

Anita began working in Human Resources at Stanford University in 2011 and joined the Department of Genetics in 2015. She is currently the Department’s Associate Director of Administration and helps oversee Human Resources, Faculty Affairs, Student Services and our Administrative Associates managing the daily administrative procedures including improving the Department’s organizational processes and communications. Anita spends most of her time meeting with faculty and staff to coach, advise, and discuss developmental opportunities as well as assist in resolving complex issues utilizing Stanford resources. She also serves as a liaison between SoM and the Department in making recommendations and leading process improvement where possible. Please feel free to reach out to Anita with any questions you have, she’s happy to help!

Eva Bajorek

Facilities/Lab Manager


Chris Barone

Administrative Associate


Chris started in the Stanford Genetics department in October 2023. He is responsible for administrative tasks, calendar scheduling,  reimbursement expenses, Pcard/travel card processing for the Altemose Lab, Daniels Lab, and Gitler lab.

Ada Chen

Associate Director of Finance

Ada started in Stanford Internal Audit in 2008 and joined Genetics in 2012. She has a background in audit/accounting/finance and manages Dr. Snyder’s finances  More and matters related to his lab. In addition, she oversee the department’s finances/budget and also supervise 3 accountants, who provide finance/grant support for our Genetics faculty. Ask her anything related to finance/compliance/research administration/Stanford/campus resources!


Ashley Chen


Holly Choi

Administrative Associate to Dr. Brunet and Dr. Sherlock

Holly joined the Department of Genetics in 2015 as an Administrative Associate. She supports both the Brunet and Sherlock labs.  She More  is a good point of contact for questions related to grants, progress reports, finances, travel arrangements, reimbursements, letters of recommendation, lab events, and purchase orders.


Wendy Christensen

Student Services Coordinator

Wendy has been with the Department of Genetics for over 18 years. She supports both graduate students and postdocs. She is a good place to start for most things More  - Funding & Stanford billing questions, course requirements, degree progress, campus resources. If a student has a problem and just does not know where to turn, start with Wendy.


Cori Clinton


Cori joined Stanford Department of Genetics in 2023. She has a background in finance and accounting and has been working in research administration since 2018. Cori enjoys lending a helping hand, so feel free to reach out with your finance questions!

Olivia Doan

Senior Human Resources Administrator

Olivia has been with Stanford University since 2016 and joined Genetics in 2023. She provides support to the HR Manager, and is also available for all HR needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Megan Ferrer


Tacy Framhein

Program Coordinator

Tacy has served as the program coordinator for Stanford’s MS in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling program since 2012. She provides support to all of the genetic counseling program’s faculty and trainees, and is always happy to chat with prospective applicants.

Jessica Jones

Administrative Associate

Lily Leung

Administrative Associate to Dr. Pritchard, Dr. Kundaje, Dr. Bassik

Lily supports Drs. Pritchard, Kundaje, and Bassik. She is the point-of-contact for the professors and lab related inquiries. She More  also manages their calendars, meeting arrangements, prepares research materials, performs financial transactions, creates purchase requisitions, and supports the labs' daily operations. 


Mariola Liebersbach

Building Manager
Biomedical Innovations Building

Mariola started working at Stanford University in 2000 at the Department of Pathology and in 2016 joined the Oncology Department as the Felsher Laboratory Manager.


Maria Manzanilla-Owen

Administrative Associate to Dr. Michael Cherry

Maria has been working in the Genetics Department for over 15 years. Currently, she provides administrative support to the Cherry lab, the Genome Sequencing Service Center and  More the Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center. When she is not working from home, she can be found Monday through Thursday at 3165 Porter Drive, Room 2270, cubicle 24. Please stop by and introduce yourself.


Ted Mappola

Facilities Specialist

Lettie McGuire

Web Development & Research Design

Patty-Olga Ordonez

Lab Assistant

Roberta Peterson

Administrative Associate to Dr. Stanley N. Cohen

Roberta has been the assistant to Dr. Stanley N. Cohen since 1999. While the Shelter-in-Place Orders are in effect, she is the Genetics Department’s point of contact regarding U.S. Postal Service mail delivery.

Randy Soares

Director of Finance and Administration. Genetics and Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection

Randy Soares joined Stanford as the Director of Finance and Administration (DFA) for Genetics in 2010.   More   After graduating from the University of San Francisco with a degree in accounting/finance, Randy began his career as an auditor for KPMG Peat Marwick.   He was subsequently recruited by UCSF, where he was involved in major system implementation projects and the integration of Mount Zion Hospital. 

Before joining Stanford, Randy also served as the CFO for the Gallo Center at UCSF, as well as the Parkinson’s Institute.  In 2018, he also became DFA for the Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection (ITI).  In his spare time, he and his wife Victoria hang out with their dog, Dinah Soares (130 pound Neapolitan Mastiff).


Lisa Stainton

Executive Administrator to the Chair, Dr. Michael P. Snyder

Abbey Thompson

Director of Educational Outreach

Abbey runs the "Stanford @ The Tech" program, which brings grad students and postdocs to The Tech Interactive to run genetics activities with museum visitors — while practicing science communication skills. She More  has been in this role since 2018, but she joined Genetics in 2012 as a PhD student. Abbey is always happy to chat about outreach, informal education and museums, perspectives on finding a non-traditional career, or just to say hi!


Khoa Tran

Human Resources Manager

Khoa Tran started working at Stanford University as a Human Resources Associate in 2011, he then joined Genetics in 2015 and is now our HR Manager.  Khoa is available for our Department’s HR needs including job postings, on/off boarding, compensation, compliance, leaves/accommodations and career opportunities.  Please feel free to reach out to him with any questions you have .

Casandra Trowbridge

Administrative and Operations Director for the Metabolic Health Center

Casandra Trowbridge co-directs the Stanford Metabolic Health Center, Maternal and Child Health (MHC) with a team of faculty and staff directors located in multiple SoM departments, including Genetics and the Snyder Lab.  The MHC  More aims to improve metabolic disease prediction, prevention, and treatment for neonates and children.  She leads administration and operations, and is involved in Center activities across Stanford Medicine, Stanford Children’s Health, and Stanford Health Care.


Eileen Yee

Senior Accountant