Current Issues in Genetics (CIG)

Fridays, 4:00 to 5:00 PM virtually unless notified in advance.


Date Presentation Title Speaker
January 7, 2022 "Leveraging Genetic interactions for Antiviral Drug Developement"


Jennifer Doherty

Kirkegaard lab

January 7, 2022 "Investigating the role of chromatin associated RNAs in centromere maintenance"

Kelsey Fryer

Aaron Straight lab


January 14, 2022

"Examining the Environment-Specific Effects of Natural Variants on Ergosterol Pathway Function"

Alex Kern

Hunter Fraser lab

January 14, 2022 "Getting to the heart of the matter:complex genetics and congenital heart disease"

Casey Gifford

Ass't Prof of Pediatrics( Cardiology) & by courtesy, of Genetics

January 21, 2022 "Polycomb-mediated genome organization provides a scaffold for epigenetic memory without liquid-liquid phase separation"

Sedona Murphy

Alistair Boettiger lab

January 21,2022 "ADAR1 utilizes independent mechanisms to suppress MDA5 and PKR activation by cellular double-stranded RNA"

Shibin Hu

Li lab

January 28, 2022 “Profiling of the human intestinal microbiome and bile acids under physiologic conditions”

Rebecca Culver

KC Huang lab

January 28, 2022 "Molecular transducers of endurance exercise training in rats”

Nicole Gay

Montgomery lab

February 4, 2022

Mentorship Survey and Discussion

“Return of results and discussion: How can the recent survey be used to improve the department”

Abby Bergman

Baker lab


February 11, 2022


“Divergent roles of stomatal identity gene FAMA in Arabidopsis and Brachypodium stomatal development”


Katelyn McKown

Dominique Bergmann lab

February 11, 2022


"Time-resolved tandem proximity labeling for protein translocation profiling”


Wei Qini

Ting lab

February 18, 2022 Grad student interviews this week



February 25, 2022 “Evolvable barcoding of single cells using Cas12a”

Nick Hughes

Cong & Winslow labs

February 25, 2002 "Investigation of Species-Specific Molecular Characteristics of Implantation"

Kyomi Igarashi

Baker & Nakauchi labs

March 4, 2022


“Dissecting the roles of chromatin remodelers in epidermal differentiation with perturb-seq”. ZOOM

Robin Meyers

Paul Khavari lab

March 11, 2022


“Evolution of diapause in the African turquoise killifish by remodeling ancient gene regulatory landscape”

Adam Reeves

Brunet lab

April 1, 2022


“Aberrant RNA synthesis by transcription polymerases”

Emily Greenwald

Montgomery & Fire labs

April 1, 2022


"Organ-specific aging signatures in the plasma proteome predict disease status and progression”

Jarod Rutledge

Montgomery & Wyss-Coray labs

April 8, 2022


“Navigating the Pitfalls of Applying Machine Learning in Genomics”

Jacob Schreiber

Kundaje lab

April 8, 2022


"Why most GWAS hits have not yet been detected as eQTLs”


Hakhamanesh Mostafavi

Pritchard lab