• Podcast: The relationship between science and magic

    When he’s not developing computer models to improve cancer detection, Parag Mallick, PhD, is juggling fire, walking on stilts or mastering card tricks. In this podcast, he talks about how he became a member of a professional performance troupe and the relationship between science and magic.

  • Using cellphones to track mosquitoes

    A simple recording of a mosquito’s buzz on a cellphone could contribute to a global-scale mosquito tracking map of unprecedented detail.

  • Podcast: Portraits of Stanford Medicine

    Third-year pediatric resident Mehreen Iqbal discusses medicine, Islam, and her passion for healing in this special 1:2:1 podcast.

  • Podcast: 'Special K' as potential OCD treatment

    In this podcast, Stanford psychiatrist Carolyn Rodriguez, MD, PhD, discusses how she got interested in the use of ketamine to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and how she is determined to find out why, in studies, the drug has provided relief from symptoms.

  • Podcast: Portraits of Stanford Medicine

    This is the first installment in a special 1:2:1 series that will introduce you to the many faces of Stanford Medicine. In this podcast, Timothy Keyes, a second-year MD/PhD student, shares what influenced him to consider a career in medicine and what challenges he’s faced in his career so far.

  • Podcast: Cleaning up sports

    In this podcast, anti-doping chief Travis Tygart discusses some of the major lessons learned from the Rio Olympics about global anti-doping efforts.

  • Podcast: Addressing mental illness in California

    The Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission was formed to oversee the expansion and transformation of the state’s county mental-health service systems.

  • Podcast: How physicians are fueling the opioid epidemic

    In, "Drug Dealer, MD, How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It’s So Hard to Stop," Stanford addiction expert Anna Lembke explores the culprits behind the rise in the opioid epidemic sweeping the country.

  • Podcast: The challenges of global mental health

    Vikram Patel, PhD, is one of the most recognized leaders in the global mental health movement. In this podcast, he discusses the enormous challenges and opportunities of global mental health.

  • Podcast: Opioid-free pain relief

    In her new book, The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit: 10 Simple Steps to Ease Your Pain, Stanford pain psychologist Beth Darnall, PhD, outlines a plan to empower chronic pain sufferers to gain control over their pain.

  • Podcast: Mental health in medical school

    In a recent Washington Post column, Stanford psychiatry resident Ned Morris posed the question: What drives bright young people – medical students – to take their own lives? In this podcast, he discusses the stigma of mental health that is so pervasive in society today.