Patient Satisfaction Team


Patient’s don’t know their daily plan of care or who to ask.

Project Goals

  • Doctors must consistently introduce themselves.
  • Team Cards and "Get Involved" pads must be readily available on units.
  • Patients should feel comfortable asking questions about their plan
  • Residents should feel empowered to answer questions about the plan or be comfortable with using "I don't know."
  • Patients should know th eroles of the various individuals comprising their medical teams.


  • Improved familiarity with the care team and their daily plan of care is important to patients
  • Housestaff agreed that there is a need to improve these aspects of care
  • Housestaff felt that one way to achieve better familiarity with the team is with the use of team cards

Ann Weinacker, MD

Faculty Mentor & Team Coach
Critical Care Medicine Department

Jessi Gold, MD

Team Leader
Psychiatry Resident

(Coming soon!)

Anuj Aggarwal, MD

Senior Member
Anesthesia Resident

Recai Aktay, MD

Senior Member
Cardiovascular Imaging Fellow

Lucas Campos, MD

Core Member
Pain Medicine Fellow

Ruth Hsu, MD

Core Member
Psychiatry Resident

David Ouyang, MD

Core Member
Internal Medicine Resident

Bikram Sharma, MD

Core Member
Critical Care Medicine Fellow

David Werho, MD

Core Member
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellow