Non-Urgent Pages Team


Residents receive an average of 20-30 pages per day or night, and around 30% of these are non-urgent. The time taken to respond to these pages can take away and distract from other patient care activities such as family meetings and procedures, as well as educational conference time. High volumes of pages can also lead to pager fatigue, disrupted sleep, and otherwise lead to frequent distractibility.

Project Goals

1.     Identify and define categories of nonurgent pages and decrease the number of these pages by 50%.

2.     Define areas of work-flow improvement to identify alternative methods of MD-RN communication.

3.     Develop alternative and potentially automatic methods to providing what is needed (ie: changes in route of medications, reinstating diet orders, etc).


Coming Soon!

Paul Maggio, MD

Faculty Mentor & Team Coach
Surgical Critical Care Department

Naomi Serling-Boyd, MD

Team Leader
Internal Medicine Resident

Ideally we could find alternative ways of providing answers to many of the non-urgent pages.

Whitney Chadwick, MD

Senior Member
Pediatrics Resident

Alex Trzebucki, MD

Senior Member
Internal Medicine Resident

Jocelyn Chin, MD

Core Member
Internal Medicine Resident

Swetha Shanbhag, MD

Core Member
Internal Medicine Resident

Tiffany Sinclair, MD

Core Member
General Surgery Resident

Lindsey Troy, MD

Core Member
Pediatric Critical Care Fellow

Matthew Wetschler, MD

Core Member
Emergency Medicine Resident