2016-2017 Resident Safety Council


Lena Scotto, MD

Co-Chair of Resident Safety Council

Critical Care Anesthesia Fellow

Sanaa Suharwardy, MD

Co-Chair of Resident Safety Council

Obstetrics/Gynecology Resident

Vice Chairs

Felipe Perez, MD

Vice Chair of Communications

Anesthesia Resident

Sujatha Seetharaman, MD

Vice Chair of Education

Adolescent Medicine Fellow

Lijia Xie, MD

Vice Chair of Committees

Internal Medicine Resident

Projects & Teams

Code Blue/RRT Team

Project Summary

Code Blue Quality Improvement Committee. Code blue activations are indicated for cardiopulmonary arrest & near arrest situations but research done last year found that of the code blues called within a two year period, only 25% were for true arrest and 15% for airway compromise.  As the code blue team has a high resource load and diverts key players in the hospital such as the MICU fellow, anesthesia resident/attending, and respiratory therapists away from other critically ill patients, there is room to improve how urgent encounters are managed.  Our team aims to analyze the current process and work flow to see how to facilitate efficient management of these situations without compromising patient care and still be able to support hospital staff who need extra resources. 

Team Coaches

  • Eric Hadhazy, Quality & Clinical Effectiveness, Stanford Health Care
  • Hurley Smith, Performance Excellence, Stanford Health Care

Team Leader

  • Niharika Tipirneni, MD, Critical Care Medicine Fellow

Team Members

  • Yarl Balachandran, MD, General Surgery Resident
  • Michael Chen, MD, Internal Medicine Resident
  • Carter Neugarten, MD, Emergency Medicine Resident
  • Anna Olsen, MD, Pediatrics Anesthesia Track Fellow
  • Graeme Rosenberg, MD, General Surgery Resident
  • Bikram Sharma, MD, Critical Care Medicine Fellow
  • Tiffany Sinclair, MD, General Surgery Resident
  • Julian Villar, MD, Critical Care Medicine Fellow
  • Melissa Vogelsong, MD, Anesthesia Resident
  • Soo-Ryum (Stewart) Yang, MD, Pathology Resident