As part of the RSC curriculum, we promote modules delivered through the RITE tutorials.

The Realizing Improving through Team Empowerment (RITE) tutorials are a series of videos that explain some of the basic concepts around quality improvement methods and tools.  They were created by the quality improvement team in radiology.

These videos are now deployed and utilized across the Stanford University Medical Center, including the adult hospital, the children’s hospital, and the Stanford School Of Medicine to assist improvement teams in understanding the practical concepts around quality improvement and patient safety in the inpatient and outpatient areas to achieve a continuum of high quality care.

Videos from the RITE tutorials are assigned on a monthly basis and are limited to approximately 20 minutes a month. We will discuss each of these topics during our monthly team meetings to answer any questions that residents might have after watching the videos.  A template of the A3 is available on the RSC website which will be used for the QI projects.

They are divided in to 7 modules, listed below.

Curriculum Modules

NOTE: Increase the video speed by hovering over the video > Settings (cog icon) > Speed > adjust the speed.

Overall Educational Curriculum

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Month Project Educational Goal Learning Modules
September Introduction to the process of QI

Introduction to A3 thinking (11 min)

Team Roles (13 min)

October Develop a goal statement and describe current process

SMART goals (4 min)

Current State (3 min)

Understanding the problem (7 min)

November Describe current process by collecting baseline data

Metrics (11 min)

Measurement systems (12 min)

Statistical process control (9 min)

December Perform root-cause analysis

The 8 wastes (7min) Key Drivers

Parts 1 (8 min) & Part 2 (7 min)

Developing knowledge through testing (15 min)

January Develop a goal statement and describe current process

Psychological aspects of change (14 min)

Communicating progress and results (11 min)

February Initial testing and results from initial testing

Processes (9 min)

Voice of process vs. voice of customer (8 min)

March Evaluation of initial testing, continuous process improvement and monitoring

Introduction to reliability (14 min)

Sustaining Plans (10 min)

April Sustain Plans Closing an Improvement Project (15:34)
May Celebrate Success none