Transfer of Care Team


Patients destined for the ICU post-operatively often arrive on the floor without prior notice, which presents a patient safety and workflow problem. 

Project Goals

Our goal is to elucidate the OR→ICU pathway, and improve the workflow regarding this important transition of care.


Coming Soon!

Sam Wald, MD

Faculty Mentor & Team Coach
Anesthesia Department

Lena Scotto, MD

Team Leader
Critical Care Medicine Fellow

Improving OR to ICU handoffs is crucial for patient care.

Allison Kwong, MD

Senior Member
Gastroenterology Resident

Clair Secomb, MD

Senior Member
Anesthesia Resident

Frank Chen, MD

Core Member
Internal Medicine Resident

Katrina Harper-Kirksey, MD

Core Member
Critical Care Anesthesia Fellow

Kassi Kronfeld, MD

Core Member
Neurology Resident

Felipe Perez, MD

Core Member
Anesthesia Resident

Steven Sust, MD

Core Member
Child Psychiatry Resident

Nancy Wang, MD

Core Member
Urology Resident