(H1) Panel Builder Combo Layout

This page uses stacked 75/25% panels
Nested within these are additional panels

Component Tutorials

Documentation on components used to make this page (in order of appearance):

Ways to Build

Panel Builders are modular, so you can stack and/or nest many of them on a single page.

The 33/33/33% panel is a popular way to summarize major sections of your page or site, and ideal for homepages or those with lots of content. 

Build Techniques


(H2) Purposeful Colors

Use panel colors to group topics, or make them standout

(H2) Primary Content Panel

Having content in it's own panel gives better visual separation

(H2) Secondary Content

Place less important info. further down the page, "below the fold"

Flashcard Question


True-False: Does the 75/25% panel above use a background?


Flashcard Answer

False: The backgrounds above do not come from the panel, but are an effect of the Feature Boxes nested within. A panel background would span all columns making them less distinct.