Drivers of Design

Homepage real estate is premium, make decisions with these questions:

Who, and why are they here?

A website is an open-ended presentation with no lecturer. Design for your expected audiences needs including appropriate language and information.

What should they do here?

A simple question to help form your site structure. Regardless of audience, organize homepages based on your desired outcomes and help visitors identify the next steps to get there.

Purposeful Homepages

Select a sample that aligns with your objectives

Calls to Action

For when the purpose is to get visitors to do something beyond browse. Perhaps signup for an event, make a gift, or come to a decision. Whatever it may be, direct them to your intended destination.

Project or Lab

Sites whose primary objective may simply be to educate and engage the visitor, a different, more amorphous set of challenges emerge. Pull visitors in by bringing forward the most striking information.

Information Feeds

Multiple audiences and objectives challenge authors to keep their homepages clean and focused. The priority often shifts to triaging visitors; adapt your design to assist by creating guiding pathways.

Promotional Landing Page

Simple modern layouots intended for an external audience. Adding in lots of white space and focusing on one concept at a time helps to guide your visitor on their journey through your site.

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Other Homepage Samples

Some inspiration from real homepages