Using a partial-spanning banner keeps more content above the 'fold'

Putting mission statements on banners helps conserve homepage real estate

(H1) Information Feeds

Information overload is a common homepage dilemma

Feature 1

  • One strategy to mitigate high-information density is to create 'pathways' or 'funnels' that still accuratley summaraize content.

Feature 2

As demonstrated here, less is more, so put on your marketing hat and try to be as succinct  and coersive as possible.

Feature 3

  • These pathsways should reflect your sites primary objectives; don't simply mimick your left-navigation.

Feature 4

Keep content fresh to increase the likelyhood of return visits. Rotate news and events to cycle out old information using a feed.

(H2) Feed Samples

Simple ways to keep your content fresh

(H3) An Events List

Component Tutorials

Documentation on components used to make this page (in order of appearance):

(H3) A Twitter Timeline