Panel Builder Layouts

The foundation of all good pages starts with the Panel Builder

Layout Sample 1: 100%

Similar to this page, here's another example of a 100% Panel Builder using Text & Image components to subdivide content.

Layout Sample 2: 66/33%

This is a classic example of a page with a main column for primary content and a sidebar for supporting. Select panels with backgrounds are used for emphasis.

Layout Sample 3: Combination

This is an example of a page using a variety of panel builders including 33/33/33% and 66/33% to create a specialized design.

Use Panel Builders to segment and highlight content, subdividing pages into columns like you might a newspaper. Though unlike newspapers, content does not flow between columns.  Below are a few examples of how you can use Panel Builders to create custom page layouts.  In the McKinley template, color can also be used to differentiate cotent.