New Photon Counting CT (PCCT) Prototype Installed

October 9, 2023

A new prototype GE HealthCare photon counting CT (PCCT) scanner has been installed at 3155 Porter Drive, only the second such scanner in the United States.

Photon counting CT is one of the most significant technological advancements in CT in decades and allows for improved visualization of structural details, tissue characterization, and material density measurements using lower radiation doses. These capabilities hold immense potential for advancing diagnostic accuracy, patient care, and innovative research, and the unveiling of this scanner at Stanford Research Park opens the door to previously unattainable research possibilities and exploring its potential for improved patient care.

Researchers in the Department of Radiology will be conducting human subject research as well as technical research to evaluate image reconstruction techniques, fully utilize the spatial and spectral resolution, and identify the pathology- and disease-specific advantages that can be realized through photon counting CT, such as novel biomarkers for knee health. Research has already begun to take place, with the first volunteer scanned in early September.

To view photos from the open house, please visit the link here. To view the full press release from GE HealthCare, please visit the link here.