Visiting Observer Program


As of January 24th, 2022, all Visiting Observers must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination and booster. There is no test-out option for observers.

General Information

The Department of Radiology is pleased to offer practicing Clinical Radiologists the opportunity to participate in observational visits in all subspecialties. Our unique program offers Clinical Radiologists the chance to observe daily tasks in any Radiology subspecialty and converse with some of the leading Radiologist in the country.

Due to the popularity of this program, we regret that we cannot have visitors stay in one subspecialty for more than a month. However, visitors are encouraged to arrange visits with more than one subspecialty.

Please fill out the application below and attach your entire CV. Upon acceptance of the application, the Department will forward HIPAA compliance and other documentation for the visitor to complete and return to the Department in advance of the visit.  Also, the visitor must provide current, formal immunization records from her/his physician’s office or hospital.  Self-report of vaccination is not accepted. 



Visiting Observer Program participants may require visa for entry into the United States. Understanding and meeting all requirements for travel documents, such as a passport and securing a visa to visit the United States, are the participant's responsibility. Visa requirements are determined by the U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs. Stanford University does not provide any information for the Visiting Observer Program applicant to secure a visa to travel to the U.S.



Stanford does not offer any housing or meals for visiting observers.  There are many nearby hotels but they can be expensive, and so and maybe useful sites to find lodging to rent.  Some housing options are listed on Stanford’s website.


Subspecialty Observership

For observation and participation in existing talks, daily readings, and section programs:

  • $300/day for visits of 1-4 days
  • $1300/week for visits of 1 week (5 days)
  • $1200/week for visits of 2-3 weeks
  • $1000/week for visits of 4 weeks

Payment may be made in US dollars by cheque or wire.  The Department will provide wiring instructions upon request.  (A $50 surcharge will be added to payments by wire.)

Please note that the fees listed above are determined by the Radiology Department, these fees make it possible for us to continue to offer this program to many Clinical Radiologists across the globe.

For hands-on training or observation in the 3D and Quantitative Imaging Lab, visit this link.

For further information, please contact Sylvia Bautista.