Department Leadership

Office of the Chair

Garry E. Gold, MD, MS

Chair, Department of Radiology

David Larson, MD, MBA

Executive Vice Chair

Yun-Ting Yeh, MBA

Director of Finance and Administration

Vice Chair, Associate Chairs & Directors

Kim Butts Pauly, PhD

Acting Vice Chair, Research

Fernando Boada, PhD

Associate Chair, Basic Science Translational Research

Lawrence Chow, MD

Director, Emergency Radiology

Wendy DeMartini, MD 

Associate Chair, Clinical Faculty Affairs

Joseph DeSimone, PhD

Acting Associate Chair, Special Projects

Benjamin Franc, MD, MS, MBA

Associate Chair, Clinical Research and Strategy 

Erin Grady, MD

Associate Chair, Education and DEI

Brian Hargreaves, PhD

Associate Chair, Research

Gloria Hwang, MD

Associate Chair, Clinical Operations 

Mayil Krishnam, MBBS, MBA

Associate Chair, Imaging Technologies

Uzma Waheed, MD

Director, Clinical Performance Improvement

Sharon Pitteri, PhD

Associate Chair, Laboratory Operations 

Kawin Setsompop, PhD

Associate Chair, Research Strategy

Volney Van Dalsem, MD

Associate Chair, Outreach

Shreyas Vasanawala, MD, PhD

Associate Chair, Radiologist-in-Chief, LPCH

Luke Yoon, MD

Associate Chair, Faculty Well-being and Development 

Division Chiefs

Dominik Fleischmann, MD

Cardiovascular Imaging

Taiyo Shimizu, MD

Community Radiology

Sandy Napel, PhD

Integrative Biomedical Imaging Informatics at Stanford (IBIIS)

William Kuo, MD (Interim)

Interventional Radiology

Katherine Ferrara, PhD

Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS)

Marc Willis, DO, MMM (Interim)

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Jeremy Heit, MD, PhD

Neuroimaging & Neurointervention

Andrei Iagaru, MD

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Shreyas Vasanawala, MD, PhD

Pediatric Radiology

Kim Butts Pauly, PhD

Radiological Sciences Laboratory (RSL)

Ann Leung, MD

Thoracic Imaging

George Segall, MD

VAPAHCS Nuclear Medicine

Payam Massaband, MD (Interim)

VAPAHCS Radiology


Adjunct/Affiliated/CE Per Diem