Tele-Presence 5

In times of collective uncertainty and anxiety around COVID-19, presence and connection with patients is more important than ever. Early in 2020, the Presence 5 team, part of the Stanford Presence Center, published an article in JAMA outlining evidence-based practices to help clinicians foster humanism during clinical encounters. In response to the challenges imposed by COVID-19, our team has adapted the original Presence 5 practices to provide evidence-based strategies for clinicians to foster meaningful connection with patients during virtual visits.

The following resources are publicly available:

  1. A 10-minute Stanford CME module describing the Tele-Presence 5 practices (see below)
  2. poster of the Tele-Presence 5 practices to foster meaningful connection with patients during virtual visits (see below)
  3. KevinMD article that describes opportunities to foster humanism in telemedicine

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Tele-Presence 5 CME Module

Tele-Presence 5 practices

Tele-Presence 5 Team