Humanism through PPE Portraits

Lead: Cati Brown-Johnson, PhD

Team: Mary Beth Heffernan, Paige Parsons, Juliana Baratta, Alexis Amano, Mae Verano, Cynthia Perez

How can we foster humanism in medicine, when the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is required and providers don masks, glasses and gowns to protect their eyes, noses, and mouths from COVID-19?

PPE Portraits are one possible solution: disposable provider portrait picture stickers (4x5) affixed to PPE where patients can see them. Our brief pilot showed signs of interest and adoption: a participating physician requested PPE Portraits at their clinic and masked medical assistant team-members requiresed PPE Portraits to wear over scrubs.

We believe PPE Portraits may support patient care and health, and even healthcare team function and provider wellness.

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