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Presence Circle Facilitator Guide

Our team has developed materials for clinicans who are interested in implementing Presence Circle discussion groups with colleagues or trainees in their practice setting.

Communicating with Presence - Presence 5 Stanford CME Video

The Presence 5 team worked with Stanford CME to develop a 10-minute video for clinicians to briefly learn the Presence 5 practices to foster trust with patients in clinical encounters. 

Virtual Care with Presence - Tele-Presence 5 Stanford CME Video

The Presence 5 team worked with Stanford CME to develop a 10-minute video for clinicians to briefly learn the Tele-Presence 5 practices to foster trust with patients over video visits. 

P5RJ Medical Education – Stanford CME Module

The Presence 5 for Racial Justice team partnered with Stanford CME to create a 30-minute Train-the-Trainer Module to guide clinician-educators on the P5RJ Medical Education Workshop content and provide the tools to facilitate these important anti-racism discussions with medical trainees.

Presence 5 for Racial Justice Clinician Resources

Everyone has different ways to care for themselves. The Presence for Racial Justice team has compiled a list which provides various approaches to seeking professional care, individual self-care exercises, and more. Feel free to use what you feel will be beneficial for you.