Supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and directed by Donna Zulman, MD, MS, and Abraham Verghese, MD, the Presence 5 team aims to redesign the clinical encounter to foster humanism and meaningful connections between clinicians and patients. Our objective is to inspire a shift in care from institutional procedure to clinical ritual grounded in scientific evidence and humanism, and in doing so enhance patient experience and clinician well-being, and support patient-centered, safe, and effective care.

Presence 5 presents evidence-based strategies, developed through two and a half years of formative research activities, to help generate more meaningful visits for both clinicians and patients. 

What is Presence?

Presence is a purposeful practice of awareness, focus, and attention with the intent to understand and connect with patients.   Brown-Johnson C, et al. BMJ Open, 2019

"There are a few things that are timeless in medicine, unchanged since antiquity, which we can keep front and center as we bring about reform. One is the simple truth that patients want us to be more present. We as physicians want to be more present with the patient, as well, because without that contact, our professional life loses much of its meaning."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Verghese A, Health Affairs, 2016