Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Clinical Lectures
2023 - 2024

Course Director: Benjamin Franc, MD
Mondays, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Zoom

Date Title/Subject Specialty Area Faculty
9/11/23 Hepatobiliary Imaging GI Nguyen
9/18/23 NRC Regulations General Grady
9/25/23 MPI Nuclear: Imaging, Physics, Techniques and Protocols:stressing protocol intro to SPECT (Part 1) (Joint w/ Cardiology) Cardiology Davidzon
10/2/23 EKG Interpretation Cardiology Neha Mantri
10/9/23 Intro to Nuclear Medicine & Exam Reporting Intro Franc
10/16/23 SPECT and PET Brain Imaging (movement disorder, Epilepsy, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, neuro psychiatric disorder, moyamoya) CNS Davidzon
10/23/23 Pediatric Renal Scintigraphy and Cortical Imaging, Scrotal imaging, vesicular urography Renal Nadel
10/30/23 Infection and Inflammation imaging: NM and PET techniques (Non-MSK) Infection Shah
11/6/23 GI bleeding, Gastric emptying, and Whole gut transit GI Mari Aparici
11/13/23 SPECT and PET Brain Imaging (Tumor Imaging, Cisternography, Brain Death) CNS Vasanawala
11/20/23 Nuclear Imaging of Dementia CNS Grady
12/4/23 Pediatric Non-oncologic Nuclear imaging (Perfusion, GI, aspiration, Bone, etc.) Pediatric Nadel
12/11/23 MPI Nuclear: Imaging, Physics, Techniques and Protocols: PET and Viability with cases (Part 2) (Joint w/ Cardiology) Cardiology Davidzon
12/18/23 Pediatric Oncologic Imaging, SPECT & PET Pediatric Nadel
1/8/24 Bone scintigraphy with Tc99m MDP and NaF - Trauma, vascular, benign neoplasm MSK Song
1/22/24 Bone Densitometry in Adults and Pediatrics MSK Nadel
1/29/24 Bone scintigraphy with Tc99m MDP and NaF - Metastatic disease & Metabolic disorder MSK Guo
2/5/24 Role of Nuclear medicine in Benign Thyroid disease and Parathyroid imaging Endrocrine Shah
2/12/24 Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy Theranostic Mari Aparici
2/26/24 Diuretic Renal Scinitgraphy, captopril studies Renal Franc
3/4/24 Pulmonary Scintigraphy (Thromboembolism, Transplant, Right to Left Shunt, Peritoneal-pleural shunts) Pulmonary Moradi
3/11/24 Infection and Inflammation imaging: NM and PET techniques (MSK) Infection Shah
3/18/24 Nuclear: Cardiac Sarcoid, Amyloid, MIBG for heart failure; MUGA (Joint w/ Cardiology) Cardiology Guo
3/25/24 PET imaging of lymphoma, multiple myeloma Oncology Davidzon
4/1/24 PET/CT and PET/MR of Head and Neck and Lung cancer Oncology Moradi
4/8/24 Somatostain Receptor Imaging Oncology Shah
4/15/24 Lymphoscintigraphy Oncology Moradi
4/22/24 Molecular Imaging of Breast Cancer (FDG & FES PET, Breast specific gamma camera imaging) Oncology Franc
4/29/24 PET Imaging of GI and Gynecological malignancies Oncology Franc
5/6/24 Dosimetry for Theragnostics Theranostic Song
5/13/24 Bone Targeting Radionuclide Therapy for Bone metastases Theranostic Iagaru
5/20/24 Nuclear Imaging of Cardiac Device Infections (Joint w/ Cardiology) Cardiology Shah
6/3/24 Thyroid Cancer Imaging and Treatment Theranostic Iagaru
6/17/24 Prostate cancer Imaging and Therapy Theranostic Iagaru
6/24/24 End of Year Exam   Shah

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