Visiting Residents

House Staff Policies and Procedures

Visiting Residents from ACGME accredited programs who comply with California requirements for medical trainees within the state will be considered for rotation to Stanford residency program. Residents wishing to spend elective time at Stanford Hospital and Clinics or the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford should apply directly to the department or division in which the training will take place for consideration.

The department/division will obtain a letter of good standing from the program director of the visitor's residency. The letter will also include that the visiting resident's salary and benefits will be covered in full during the stay at Stanford. Documentation of current TB surveillance and immunity to measles, rubella, chickenpox, and hepatitis B is also required.

A copy of the Program Director's letter will be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Medical Education in room HC435 with an explanation from the Stanford department/division accepting the resident. The visiting resident will report to the Office of Graduate Medical Education prior to the start of the rotation. They should bring a copy of their medical school diploma, photo I.D., a California physician's license (if available) or a license to practice medicine in another state (if available). Visiting Residents must wear a photo I.D. from their home institution at all times while at Stanford. Registration forms (House Staff Information form and IT form) will be completed. The Office of Graduate Medical Education will arrange for issuance of the physician's number, and access to the on-call quarters, if needed.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education will also forward the registration information to Finance in order to qualify for IME payments.

Visiting residents from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Kaiser, Santa Clara do not need a letter of good standing from their program director.

All visiting resident rotations are subject to review and final approval by the GME Office.

For further information, please contact:

Ann Vo