Basic Science Lectures

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Intro, Atomic and Nuclear Physics (2022)
Radioactive Decay I (2022)
Radioactive Decay II (2022)
Production of Radionuclides (2022)
Interaction of Radiation with Matter I (2022)
Interaction of Radiation with Matter II (Joint Physics and Clinical Relevance Session) (2022)
Authorized User Status-What does it mean and how do I get it? (2022)
Nuclear Accidents: What Does the Public Need to Know? (2022)
Radiobiology I (Dosimetry and Biodisribution) (2022)
Radiobiology II (Radiation Exposure - Radiation Protection) (2022)
Radiation Detectors I (2022)
Radiation Detectors II (2022)
Radiochemistry I (2022)
Radiochemistry II (2022)
Innovations in Nuclear Medicine: Emering Radiotracers (2023)
Remote Demonstration: Cyclon Tour
Gamma Camera I (2023)
Gamma Camera II (2023)
Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation and Quality Control (2023)
Remote Demonstration- Thyroid, Well counter, etc, Gamma Camera in Nuc Med Clinic (2023)
Tomographic Image Reconstruction I (Comuptational Lab Session) (2023)
Tomographic Image Reconstruction II (Joint Physics and Clinical Relevance Session) (2023)
SPECT I (2023)
SPECT II (computational Lab Session)
PET I (2023) 
PET II (Computational Lab Session) (2022)
MR Physics (2023)
Basics Science Course Tracer Kinetics (2023)
Basics of X-ray and CT (2023)
Dynamic Imaging in Nuclear Medicine (2023)
Image Registration and Fusion (2023)
Advances in Detector Instrumentation for PET (2023)
Innovations in Nuclear Medicine: Technology and Artificial Intelligence (2023)
Hybrid Imaging: SPECT-CT and PET-CT (2023)
PET/MRI (Joint Physics and Clinical Relevance Session) (2023)
SPECT II (Computational Lab Session) & PET II (Computational Lab Session) (2023)
Statistics for Imaging I: Data (2023)
Statistics for Imaging II: Design (2023)
Innovations in Nuclear Medicine: Radiation Sensing Electronics/High Speed Medicine (2022)
Innovations in Nuclear Medicine: Semiconductors in Positron Emission Tomography (2022)
Q&A (2022)
Remote Demonstration: GE Discovery 670 SR Gamma Camera (2022)