Facilities and Equipment

1. Varian TrueBeam STx with high-definition MLC (HDMLC) and flattening-filter free (FFF) beam modes with dose rates up to 24 Gy/min

2. 4 multi-energy Varian Clinac linear accelerators equipped with RapidArcTM, Millennium MLCs, portal imaging, and kV-OBI CBCT systems for image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT).

3. 2 Accuray CyberKnife 6MV X-band linear accelerators for image-guided robotic-arm radiosurgery and radiotherapy with InCise MLC, patient motion tracking (Synchrony), and X-Sight advanced dynamic image guidance.

4. Mobetron electron linear accelerator and Philips 250 kVp X-ray orthovoltage unit for intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT)

5. 15 Varian Eclipse workstations for 3D, IMRT and RapidArc™ treatment planning. AAA, Acuros, and eMC calculation algorithms are commissioned for treatment. ARIA record and verify database, via Citrix remote ARIA access

6. The RefleXion™ X1 machine for biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT)

7. Varian iX afterloader with VS2000 192Ir source

8. 2 PET-CT scanners dedicated to patient simulation, including a new 128-slice Siemens Biograph mCT (Somatom Definition AS+ CT) with 4D and CT-perfusion capabilities

9. 3T MAGNETOM Skyra MR simulator

10. RPMTM, Calypso®, and AlignRT® motion-management systems

11. Special procedures:

a. HDR Brachytherapy
b. Stereotactic radiotherapy with CyberKnife 
d. Intraoperative RT 
e. Total-body and total-skin irradiation 
f. Episcleral eye-plaque therapy