Stanford Physics Outreach Services

Onsite or Remote Dosimetry and Treatment Planning Services

  • Perform and/or support 2D and 3D treatment planning
  • Perform and/or support respiratory gated treatment planning
  • Perform and/or support IMRT/RapidArc
  • Perform and/or support HyperArc
  • Perform and/or support image fusion
  • Perform and/or support radiation therapy MIS to include Record and Verify system set up

Clinical Physics Services

  • Provide physics consultations for physicians
  • Perform weekly chart checks and second checks
  • Perform SRS and SBRT treatment planning
  • Perform HDR treatment planning and supervise treatments onsite
  • Perform RapidArc, HyperArc, IMRT, SRS, SBRT  and HDR QA
  • Perform monthly LINAC and  CT scanner calibrations
  • Perform AlignRT QA
  • Coordinate and supervise HDR source exchange and perform QA
  • Provide consultation on new technologies and new treatment program implementation

Radiation Protection Services

  • Review personal dosimeter to ensure state regulatory compliance
  • Review ALARA program and consult on related radiation safety issues
  • Conduct radiation safety in-services
  • Participate in state inspections and JCAHO surveys
  • Provide consultation to resolve issues to meet regulatory requirements
  • Audit radiation safety program
  • Review treatment planning and treatment policies and procedures
  • Conduct radiation shielding survey and provide recommendation and report to meet regulatory requirements

Physics Commissioning Services

  • Linear Accelerator Commissioning
  • Surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT) commissioning
  • Radiation therapy treatment planning system commissioning
  • CT scanner dose measurement and acceptance testing
  • Annual LINAC and CT calibrations 

Special Physics Services

  • Consult for ACR/APEx accreditation application and survey
  • Consult for HDR licensing
  • Conduct peer review for quality improvement
  • Consult and/or participate in radiation therapy MIS software upgrades