Sep 09 - Oct 02
Sat - Mon

Seeking Participants: Focus Group for GlutenFree Buddies Mentorship Program

If you are 13-25 years old and have celiac disease, please join us in a virtual focus group to share your thoughts on how we can make our upcoming celiac disease mentorship program the best it can be. We want to learn from our celiac community and create the most helpful and enjoyable mentorship program for our mentees and mentors.

Your voice matters, so come share your story! Make an impact and connect with others by sharing your unique perspectives, challenges, and triumphs.

The focus group will be 1-hour long, in a virtual Zoom session. You will receive a $15 gift card for your participation in the focus group.

You may be eligible if you are:

·         Adolescent focus group: 13 - 17 years old

·         Young adult focus group: 18 - 25 years old

·         Diagnosed with celiac disease

·         Literate in English at a fifth grade reading level

·         Proficient in speaking English

·         Accessible to stable internet connection