Addressing diabetes health disparities in Northern and Central California

DREAMS-CDTR is designed around three research cores to best address diabetes health disparities in Northern and Central California.

These three cores are based on the strengths and experiences of the Center’s leadership and affiliated investigators and the needs of the communities the Center serves.

Health Equity & Action Translational Research

Researchers in the HEAT core are seeking to address socio-environmental conditions & ethnic diversity and to intervene in diverse settings & at multiple points in the diabetes continuum.

Methods and Data Integration

Researchers in the MDI core seek to introduce novel and robust methodologies, improve the uptake of research, and allocate on-demand availability of experts to catalyze research.

National Diabetes Policy Research Resource

The National Diabetes Policy Research Resource Core extends the reach of DREAMS-CDTR’s expertise and resources beyond its core institutions. The Core leverages its cutting-edge and robust methodologies to improve the uptake of research across diverse institutions focused on high-risk populations. The Core also enhances the efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, and multidisciplinary nature of diabetes translation research through allocation of on-demand availability of experts.