DREAMS-CDTR (Diabetes Research for Equity through Advanced Multilevel Science Center for Diabetes Translational Research) brings an intensive, multilevel focus to advance health equity across the diabetes continuum among high-risk populations residing in northern California’s more urban Bay Area as well as its more rural Central Valley.


Led by scientific experts in diabetes health equity research from Stanford University, UC San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, UC Merced, and UC Davis and funded by the National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), DREAMS-CDTR seeks to catalyze the development and implementation of innovative, high-impact, and sustainable interventions to improve diabetes outcomes and promote health equity.

With nearly 40 million residents, California has more people than any other US state or territory diagnosed with diabetes and the highest costs associated with the disease. Diabetes also is a major cause of health inequities in California – vulnerable populations experience higher burdens of illness and disability associated with diabetes. DREAMS-CDTR is committed to reducing the burden of diabetes-related health inequities through partnership with communities and through policy and practice innovation.

People & Sites

DREAMS-CDTR sites include a diverse group of research and clinical institutions serving people with and at risk for diabetes mellitus in the greater East Bay and Northern Central Valley region of northern California.


In addition to DREAMS-CDTR, there are an additional 7 NIDDK sponsored CDTRs.  Each CDTR is led by dynamic groups of clinicians and scientists and supports a robust research and practice community that works in collaboration with their respective local communities.