Funding Opportunities

Pilot and Feasibility Program

We are currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 funding cycle. 

Each year the Center's Pilot and Feasibility Program fosters and supports two year-long pilot projects in diabetes translational research led by promising early stage investigators. We expect to give out two 12-month awards (7/1/23-6/30/24) awards this funding cycle, with a maximum of $40,000 awarded to each.

Application deadline: Monday April 24, 2023, 5PM PST

Please contact Neesha Joseph at cc’ing Julie Schmittdiel at with any questions regarding this Request for Proposals.

Recently Completed Projects

Luis Rodriguez


Added Sugar Intake and Cardiometabolic Abnormality Among US Hispanic/Latino Ddults
Jennifer Falbe


Impact of Sugar-sweetened Beverage (SSB) Warning Labels Among Low-income Hispanic Populations
Alexandra Lee


Investigating Alternative Glycemic Metrics to Predict Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia in Nursing Home Residents with Type 2 Diabetes
Tainayah Thomas


Engagement, Preferences and Perceptions Related to Diabetes Prevention Among Adults with Prediabetes
Stephanie Hooker


Improving Type 2 Diabetes Care Provided through Telehealth Modalities: Understanding Needs of Patients and Primary Care Providers

Elaine Khoong & Sarah Nouri


Evaluating changes to primary care management and control of type 2 diabetes mellitus among diverse populations after wide-scale telehealth implementation

Estibaliz Iturralde


Perceptions and Preferences Related to Diabetes Prevention Among Individuals with Severe Mental Illness and Metabolic Risk Factors

Ilya Golovaty


Implementation and Effectiveness of Community Diabetes Prevention Programs in the United States

Yeyi Zhu


Investigation of Prevalence of and Barriers to Achieving Optimal Glycemic Control among Women with Gestational Diabetes

Veronica Yank


Pilot Study of eHealth Medication Messages for Latino Patients and Their Families

Courtney Lyles*


Tablet Research to Improve Understanding of Medications for People’s Health (TRIUMPH)

Susan Brown*


A Self-Affirmation Intervention to Enhance Patient Outreach for Health System-based Lifestyle Programs for Diabetes Prevention

Leah Zallman


Addressing Gaps in Research on Pay for Performance to Improve Quality of Diabetes Care: Provider Perspectives

*=Core Faculty

Training Opportunities at Local Institutions

DREAMS-CDTR is not a training grant. However the center's core faculty is affiliated with a number of fellowship programs at its various member institutions. In addition to a T32 Training Program in Diabetes Translational Research, which aims to develop the next generation of researchers with the necessary skills to identify and overcome barriers to translating evidence into practice for patients with type 2 diabetes, members DREAMS-CDTR members are affiliated with the UCSF CTSI KL2 Scholar Program.

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