Mass cytometry (CyTOF, Cytometry by time of fight) expands upon the principles of flow cytometry by employing antibodies that are labeled with metal isotopes instead of fluorochromes. By relying on time-of-flight mass spectrometry, this technique circumvents the limitations that spectral overlap places on conventional flow cytometry.

CCSU has validated panels for phenotype determinations functional characterization, lymphoid and myeloid cell reconstitution, metabolomics characterization.

The workflow is schematically shown below:

CyTOF Panels:

CCSU offers validated panel with established performance metrics such as sensitivity and reproducibility. In addition, these panels have been harmonized to guarantee reproducibility and robustness, as benchmarked in Sahaf et al. 2021 (PMID: 34266889).

Current panels include:

  1. Immune phenotyping and functional determining panels leverage our extensive experience in immunology and immune-surveillance in health and disease to establish high-parameter panels with the goal of characterizing the phenotype and function of major cell types, all CD45 positive cells in peripheral blood and CAR-T cells in treated patients. In addition, dedicated panels are developed for B cell development, reconstitution, T cell exhaustion, and intracellular cytokine determinations.
  2. CCSU has also validated a metabolomics panel with markers to investogate major metabolomic pathways in cell as well as major phenotypic markers.
  3. CCSU is offering a myeloid panel for more extensive characterization of the cells.