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All email addresses below are adresses.
Raeka Aiyar Raeka Aiyar
Communications Director
Voice: (650) 721-5578
Email: raiyar
Ana Maria Aparicio Ana Maria Aparicio
Life Science Technician
Voice: (650) 721-5534
Email: m21994
Fernando Aviles Fernando Aviles
Lab Manager
Voice: (650) 721-5512
Email: fernando.aviles
photo placeholder John Bell
Software Developer
Voice: (650) 721-2891
Email: jmbell
photo placeholder Chia-Jung Chang
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: chiajung
Angela Chu Angela Chu
Research Assistant
Voice: (650) 721-5565
Email: amchu
Laurel Crosby Laurel Crosby
Engineering Research Associate
Voice: (650) 721-5473
Email: laurel
Ronald W. Davis Ronald W. Davis
Professor of Biochemistry & Genetics
Voice: (650) 721-5614
Email: krhong

Rahim Esfandyarpour Rahim Esfandyarpour
Engineering Research Associate
Voice: (650) 721-5574
Email: rahimes
Sue M. Grimes Sue M. Grimes
Bioinformatics Research Assistant
Voice: (650) 721-5569
Email: sgrimes
photo placeholder Colin James Bell Harvey
Post Doctoral Scholar
Voice: (650) 721-5564
Email: cjharvey
Maureen Hillenmeyer Maureen Hillenmeyer
Director of Genomes to Natural Products Program
Voice: (650) 721-5539
Email: maureenh
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Katrina Hong Katrina Hong
Executive Assistant
Voice: (650) 721-5614
Email: krhong
Executive Assistant to Ronald W. Davis
Joe Horecka Joe Horecka
Life Science Research Assistant II
Voice: (650) 721-5565
Email: jhorecka
Richard Hyman Richard Hyman
Senior Research Scientist
Voice: (650) 721-5474
Email: rhyman
Roxana Jalili Roxana Jalili
Graduate Student
Voice: (650) 721-5546
Email: rjalili
Michael Jensen Michael Jensen
Science and Engineering Associate
Voice: (650) 721-5477
Email: m.a.jensen
photo placeholder Hanlee Ji
Assistant Professor/Senior Associate Director
Voice: (650) 721-1503
Email: genomics_ji
photo placeholder Lucas C. Johnson
System Administrator
Voice: (650) 721-2891
Email: lucascj
photo placeholder James Li
Graduate Student
Voice: (650) 721-5565
Email: jianlijl
photo placeholder Dmitriy Kolesnikov
Graduate Student
Michael Mindrinos Michael Mindrinos
Associate Director
Voice: (650) 721-5510
Email: mindrin
Molly Miranda Molly Miranda
Life Science Research Assistant
Voice: (650) 721-5480
Email: mollym
Mohsen Nemat-Gorgani Mohsen Nemat-Gorgani
Life Science Research Scientist
photo placeholder Kee-Hyun Paik
Graduate Student
Voice: (650) 721-5568
photo placeholder Jose Padovani
Graduate Student
Voice: (650) 721-5594
Email: josep
Jackie Peng Jackie (Yun-Chieh) Peng
Graduate Student
Voice: (650) 721-5574
Email: ypeng27
Henrik Persson Henrik Persson
Life Science Research Associate
Voice: (650) 721-5449
Email: hpersson
photo placeholder Nader Pourmand
Collaborator, UCSC
Robert St.Onge Bob St. Onge
Sr Research Scientist
Voice: (650) 721-2976
Email: bstonge
photo placeholder Curt Scharfe
Sr Res Scientist-Basic Collaborator
Email: curts
Justin Smith Justin Smith
Post Doctoral Scholar
Email: jdsmith4
Peidong Shen Peidong Shen
Research Associate
Voice: (650) 721-5483
Email: pdshen
photo placeholder

Lars M. Steinmetz
Professor of Genetics
Email: larsms

Sundari Sureh Sundari Suresh
Life Science Research Assistant
Voice: (650) 721-5542
Email: sundaris
Gergana Vandova Gergana A. Vandova
Graduate Student
Voice: (650) 721-5553
Chunlin Wang Chunlin Wang
Sr Research Scientist
Voice: (650) 721-5515
Email: wangcl
photo placeholder Wu Wei
Research Associate
Voice: (650) 721-5516
Email: wuwei5
Wenzhong Xiao Wenzhong Xiao
Email: wzxiao
Weihong Xu Weihong Xu
Email: weihongx
Ophelia Zalamea Ophelia Zalamea
Administrative Services Manager
Voice: (650) 721-5628
Email: ozalamea

updated April 8, 2017

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