Latest information on COVID-19

ELSRP continues to provide resource materials related to the COVID-19 Outbreak please scroll down to access.

Welcome to the Early Life Stress and Resilience Program (ELSRP) Website

ELSRP addresses the impact of traumatic stress on child development through four core components:

Understanding the critical role of prevention and early intervention in the lives of children who struggle with stress, anxiety, and trauma guides our policy and education efforts, and our academic and community partnerships.

Patient Information

The Early Life Stress and Resilience Program provides treatment for youth who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma and more. 


As COVID-19 continues to affect communities worldwide, we must remain conscientious of diverse, emergent health needs. ELSRP is promoting mental health during the pandemic with resources including op eds written by program faculty, links to information relevant to individuals and families, and daily live mindfulness and meditation sessions.


Virtual Meditation Webinar

Stanfords ELSRP in partnership with Pure Edge, Inc. will be hosting a live daily 30min guided meditation conducted by Dr. John Rettger and Anne Contreras, Monday - Friday from 1 pm - 1:30 pm.  To learn more about the presenters please see their bio here.

Link to Virtual Webinar (requires download of zoom application)>>

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department Resources related to COVID-19


Pure Edge has provided free media resources for families, caregivers, and educators addressing these topics in English and Spanish:

Brain Breaks

A Peek Inside the Amazing Brain

K-5 Resources

San Francisco Bay Area

offers recommendations and resources on their websites for supporting students during COVID-19 related school closures

Access PDF here

"teach from home" site for educators

Tutorial from Google team:


The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence

by Samantha K Brooks, Rebecca K Webster, et al.


How to Entertain Your Young Children During a Quarantine

by Adrienne So


How to Talk with Kids About COVID-19

by Erin Digitale


Opinion: Staying connected is crucial for our mental health: How we can ward off coronavirus fears, anxiety, anger and feelings of frustration

by Dr. Victor Carrion