Become a Rostered Clinician

Cue-Centered Therapy

Rostered CCT Clinicians complete a course of study and practice that prepares them to work with youth who have chronic traumatic experiences. The Rostered CCT Clinician knows how to guide their clients to place their traumatic experiences in the context of their lives and empower them to become their own agent of change. Rostered CCT Clinicians are identified on the CCT website and can add the status to their resumes and professional profiles. 

Becoming a Rostered CCT Clinician requires the completion of an educational program that blends theory, practice, and application to prepare mental health professionals to integrate CCT in their own practice. 

The 3-course program includes:

  • Course 1: Foundations of Cue-Centered Therapy
  • Course 2: Advanced Theory and Practice of Cue-Centered Therapy
  • Course 3: Applications of Cue-Centered Therapy: Case Consultations


CCT’s educational program is designed for mental health professionals. Eligibility requirements to become a CCT Trainee are:

  • Minimum Master’s level degree in mental health or related profession
  • Fully licensed in home state or country before beginning case consultations in the Applications of Cue-Centered Therapy course (some exceptions may be approved by CCT’s Training Program Director)

Rostering status is valid for 3 years. Renewal requires the completion of three CCT cases within the last year and retaking the Foundations of Cue-Centered Therapy online course.

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