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Become a Rostered Trainer

Rostered CCT Clinicians wishing to expand their reach, may apply to the CCT Training Program to become a Rostered CCT Trainer. Rostered CCT Trainers complete a course of study and guided practice that prepares them to facilitate discussions among mental health professionals – novice and expert – about their own and their clients’ experiences with trauma. Specifically, the CCT Training Program for Rostered CCT Trainers prepares clinicians to: 

  • Teach Course 2: Advanced Theory and Practice of Cue-Centered Therapy
  • Lead Course 3: Applications of Cue-Centered Therapy: Case Consultations 
  • Assess a CCT Trainee’s readiness to become a Rostered CCT Clinician and recommend them to the CCT Developers for Rostering status.

CCT Rostered Trainer Criteria

Becoming a Rostered CCT Trainer requires the successful completion of the 3-course educational program to become a Rostered CCT Clinician. In addition, the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum of 2 years practice in CCT with at least 3 cases a year 
  • Personal interview to vet personal investment in CCT
  • Lead at least 2 Advanced Theory and Practice of Cue-Centered Therapy courses under observation of 2 Rostered CCT Trainers and be approved for passing 
  • Lead a cohort of Applications of Cue-Centered Therapy: Case Consultation under the observation of a Rostered CCT Trainer
  • Actively participate in a Rostered CCT Trainer Community-of-Practice for the first year after becoming a Rostered CCT Trainer

Annual Requirements

To maintain Rostered CCT Trainer status, on an annual basis, Trainers are required to:

  • Lead or co-lead two Advanced Theory and Practice of Cue-Centered Therapy courses each year that will be arranged by CCT staff 
  • Lead at least one cohort of Applications of Cue-Centred Therapy: Case Consultation each year

Rostering status for CCT Trainer is valid for 5 years. To renew, the CCT Trainer must be actively rostered as a CCT clinician with completion of at least 3 cases and have led at least 2 trainings in the past year. 

Application Process and Pricing

To apply to become a Rostered CCT Trainer, write to the CCT Training Program team at to express your interest and we will provide you with the application form.

The cost for this in-depth program is $2,500. 

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