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Welcome to the Early Life Stress and Resilience Program (ELSRP). 

Understanding the critical role of prevention and early intervention in the lives of children who struggle with stress, anxiety, and trauma guides our policy and education efforts, and our academic and community partnerships.

Patient Information

The Early Life Stress and Resilience Program provides treatment for youth who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma and more. 


As COVID-19 continues to affect communities worldwide, we must remain conscientious of diverse, emergent health needs. ELSRP is promoting mental health wellness during the pandemic with resources by program faculty, links to information relevant to individuals and families, and daily live mindfulness and meditation sessions.

COVID -19 Early Life Stress and Resilience Program Resources

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Virtual Meditation Library

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Self-Care & Stress Management for First Responders During COVID-19, Module 1

Before watching, please take this anonymous questionnaire to help with stress reduction research. We are grateful for your participation and hopeful that this research will benefit trauma prevention.


 Self-Care & Stress Management for First Responders During COVID-19, Module 2

After watching, please fill out one more questionnaire for our research.


Planning for the Return Series

Talking to Young People about COVID-19

Worry, Stress & Anxiety: How To Manage It

The Future of Everything Podcast: How to beat stress in a pandemic

Heart, Mind & Body: Saving Superman – Focusing on Educator Self-care

From the frontline: a COVID-19 special report on stress and grief management during the crisis

Animated video helps kids weather the COVID-19 pandemic

One Step at a Time: Racial Trauma and the Recovery Process

The Great Race: A COVID-19 Story

Increased Risk of Suicide Due to Economic and Social Impacts of Social Distancing Measures to Address the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Forecast


How to Talk with Kids About COVID-19



How to Entertain Your Young Children During a Quarantine


The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence


The Pediatric Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Clinic

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Opinion: Staying connected is crucial for our mental health: How we can ward off coronavirus fears, anxiety, anger and feelings of frustration


SCOPE 10K - Stanford School of Medicine- Discussion with Dr. Victor Carrion  


What Makes Up Your Mind: Child and Adolescent Trauma-  Discussion with Dr. Victor Carrion 


COVID-19 Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Resources

Articles, Education, Media, and Webinars

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department Resources related to COVID-19

Community Resources

Articles, Education, Media, Webinars and Other Resources

Pure Edge Inc. presents: Heart, Mind & Body: Understanding Grief and Adaptation to COVID Loss

Pure Edge Inc. presents: Preocupación, Estrés y Ansiedad: Cómo Gestionarlos

Pure Edge Inc. presents:Estrategias de manejo de estrés frente a Covid-19 para estudiantes universitarios

Pure Edge Inc. presents: Estrategias Eficaces para Calmar a los Niños

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