Community Partnerships

The overarching goal of the Early Life Stress and Resilience Program is to prevent the aftermath of traumatic stress and/or anxiety in young children and adolescents and to ameliorate these effects in youth already demonstrating functional impairment. As part of this goal, we partner with community organizations to develop and implement programs that support at-risk populations. Through our partnership relationships, we have helped to develop service systems and programs with community agencies in our region. We have a long history of success in gaining funding for these activities from a range of sources, including government grants, university initiatives and programs, and private donors. 

Center for Youth Wellness

The Center for Youth Wellness is part of a national effort to revolutionize pediatric medicine and transform the way society responds to children exposed to significant adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress.

CYW is a health organization within a pediatric home that serves children and families in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.

ELSRP team members help support the efforts of several CYW programs.

Ravenswood Family Health Center

Providing mental health services to people in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven, the Integrated Behavior Health Services (IBHS) serves a crucial community need. 

The advent of our Integrated Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) has enabled people facing mental illness to get help by intergrating their mental health with their primary care.   

Tipping Point Mental Health Initiative

Since the initiative’s inception, more than 800 families have been referred to services through the Tipping Point Mental Health Initiative. In addition, Tipping Point offers about ten trainings every year for frontline and supervisory staff on a variety of mental health topics, including the impact of trauma on academic achievement, motivational interviewing, and self-care. Last year, 37 grantees participated in these trainings, which reached over 230 staff members.

Aspire East Palo Alto Charter School (EPACS)

Aspire East Palo Alto Charter School (EPACS) and East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy (EPAPA) comprise a leading K-12 public charter school dedicated to preparing all students for success in college and beyond.


JobTrain is committed to helping those who are most in need to succeed. Our purpose is to improve the lives of people in our community through assessment, attitude and job skills training, and high potential career placement.

The advent of our Integrated Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) has enabled people facing mental illness to get help by intergrating their mental health with their primary care.   

Ravenswood City School District

The Ravenswood City School District (RCSD) is joining efforts with ELSRP to develop a partnership that will allow for the development of scientifically-informed, school-based mental health services. RCSD serves approximately 3,508 students per year and their current counseling resources are critically scarce. It is a high priority for RCSD to teach social skills and to address the social behavioral needs of students.  Two main activities toward this goal involve the implementation of an evidence-based approach called Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and increasing the number of counselors in the District. 

Alum Rock School District


Stanford Youth Solutions


Children’s Health Council

Whether you know exactly what’s going on with your child and are ready to get help, or you just know something’s not right and are looking for answers, CHC Clinical Services is here for you and your family. We’ve been a trusted community resource for over 65 years providing life-changing services for ADHD, learning differences, anxiety and depression and autism.





Orchard School District



Pure Edge, Inc. endeavors to provide strategies to help educators and learners achieve success through focus against environmental influences of social media, peer pressure, personal and community stressors.




Presence Restorative Justice (RJ) Lab Partnership with ELSRP-Tipping Point Community Wellness Program

The Presence Restorative Justice (RJ) Lab Partnership with the Stanford Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program (ELSPAP) Tipping Point Community Wellness Program focuses on the human experience of care, bringing restorative justice practices, and conflict- and decision coaching skills to the team, further strengthening their impact.  RJ practices are incorporated into Wellness Program services, providing CBOs (Community Based Organizations) with a framework and skillset for building community, cohesion, and equity while addressing experiences of distress and conflict. 

Ravenswood Wellness Partnership (RWP)

A unique collaborative of mental health and community organizations in East Palo Alto and east Menlo Park working together to increase capacity and access to culturally appropriate mental health services and support for Ravenswood youth—leading to earlier intervention and better outcomes.