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Teaching at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel by Hilit Kletter, PhD

This past summer, I was invited to teach at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. This was an exciting opportunity for me to get to teach in my native homeland. It also allowed me to continue collaborating with Israeli colleagues whom I first met when our lab hosted a workshop on youth exposed to war and terror. 

The course was based on the Cue-Centered Therapy training which I extended into a full academic course: “Assessment and Treatment of Trauma and Cue-Centered Therapy (CCT) in Youth Exposed to Chronic Trauma." Therapy training which I extended into a full academic course: “Assessment and Treatment of Trauma and Cue-Centered Therapy (CCT) in Youth Exposed to Chronic Trauma." It covered many topics including the history of, theories, neuroscience, assessment and diagnosis of PTSD and related conditions, as well as an in-depth overview and hands-on practice of CCT.

The course was offered as a Master’s level elective, delivered in four full intensive days. The thirty three participants included students within the clinical social work track at Hebrew University and several psychologists from the Haruv Institute for the training and research of child abuse and neglect, which is affiliated with the university. The number was way more than is usual especially considering that it was in English and not in the native language. The group was very heterogeneous, younger and older age, secular and religious Orthodox, representing many different groups within Israeli society. They were eager to participate, some even commuted several hours each day from remote areas. The students all had experience working with various traumatized populations including maltreated youth, victims of domestic violence, elderly, veterans, sexually assaulted women, religious circles, and communities in conflict zones.

I was impressed by their desire to learn, enthusiasm, and high level of engagement and participation.

They were especially interested in learning about CCT, searching for practical skills that they could incorporate into their work. I was touched that a few of them shared with me their personal trauma stories and told me how the course better helped them understand their reactions. It was a real pleasure to teach such a group. I found the discussion on culture to be the most fascinating. I discovered that while there are many similarities between Israel and the US in trauma causes, conceptualization and treatment, there are also things unique to Israeli society and culture. For example, trauma of living in continuously threatened conflict zones, “shared fate” resilience, handling of trauma in closed religious circles, and more. Teaching the course was a very enriching experience for me and I received very positive feedback from both students and university staff that I was invited to teach it again next year.     

To learn more about Dr. Kletter, please visit her CAP profile


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CCT Training in San Juan, Puerto Rico 

by Dr. Victor Carrion

Dr. Carrion was invited by the Government of Puerto Rico to train all school counselors in the Department of Education. These events were made possible by Pure Edge, Inc.

CCT Training in Panama City for the Heads of the Latin American Team of the International Committee of the Red Cross (Geneva)

by Susana de Cruylles, MFT

International Colloborator, Ms. Cruylles conducted a CCT Training in Panama City for the Heads of the Latin American Team of the International Committee of the Red Cross (Geneva). Some of the countries represented: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Perú, Honduras, Brasil. TO find out more about ICRC please visit

CCT Book Reading Presentation and training in Madrid, Spain

by Dr. Victor Carrion and Susana de Cruylles, MFT

Dr. Carrion and international collaborator, Ms. Cruylles facilitated a day long CCT educational program for mental health providers from the Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid.The morning training was for psychologist and psychiatrist of the spanish public mental health system The afternoon book presentation was in the Ruber Internacional Hospital.


ABC-Tu Diario en Español- Sept. 19, 2017

Traumas infantiles: cómo coger el toro por los cuernos by Patricia Espinosa

Un niño cargando con una pesada mochila a la espalda y cogiendo a un toro por los cuernos, es la imagen que le gusta al profesor Víctor Carrión, jefe del departamento de psiquiatría infanto-juvenil de la Universidad de Stanford...

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Stanford Report- Apr. 6 2017

Special delivery: Students organize to send letters of support to Syrian refugees by Ruthann Richter

A group of Stanford medical students is helping organize a campaign to send letters to Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

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Packard Children's News-Fall 2016 

From Neuroscience to Yoga by Jennifer Yuan & Elizabeth Kuriakose

A determined psychiatrist puts Stanford science to work for our community's most vulnerable children 

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Stanford Report- Nov. 11th 2016 issue

Traumatic stress changes brains of boys, girls differently by Erin Digitale

A brain region that integrates emotions and actions appears to undergo accelerated maturation in adolescent girls with PTSD, but not in boys with the condition, a Stanford study has found.

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Stanford Medicine- Quarterly Fall 2015  

Beyond Behavior by Erin Digitale

A new type of therapy takes its cues from trauma. Dr. Carrión talks about the misconceptions of trauma-exposed youth.

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California Schools- Quarterly Summer 2014  

Front Lines by Kristi Garrett

Schools assume a new role as mental health first responders. Dr. Carrión and Dr. Kletter discuss the effects of toxic stress.

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Terapia de Claves Traumáticas – Manual de intervención para niños y adolescentes con síntomas postraumáticos

Victor G. Carrión, M.D.

Approaches in Mental Health for Children and Adolescents Applied Mindfulness

Victor G. Carrión, M.D.

Assessing and Treating Youth Exposed to Traumatic Stress

Victor G. Carrión, M.D.


Victor G. Carrión, M.D. and Carl Weems, Ph.D.

Cue Centered Therapy for Youth Experienceing Posttraumatic Symptoms

Victor G. Carrión, M.D.


AP NEWS - US held record number of migrant children in custody in 2019 by Christopher Sherman, Martha Mendoza, and Garance Burke

COMAYAGUA, Honduras (AP) — The 3-year-old girl traveled for weeks cradled in her father’s arms, as he set out to seek asylum in the United States. Now she won’t even look at him. 

NOV 2019/ ThePrimarySchool/  Read More>

Educational Videos from Osmosis and The Primary School

The Primary School partnered with Osmosis to create a series of educational videos in order to educate teachers and parents about common health issues affecting children. Dr. Ryan Matlow help create the Toxic Stress for Teachers and Families

NOV 2019/ ThePrimarySchool/ To See Video>

Presentation of the book Cue Centered Therapy by Dr. Victor Carrón

Trauma is a shocking, distressing or emotionally painful experience that has negative effects on a person's organism or mind.

SEPT 2019/ QuironSalud/ Learn More>

Cue-Centered Treatment for Repeated Paediatric Trauma by Happi Doc

Stanford University's Victor G. Carrion, MD, discusses the neuroscience of pediatric trauma and the use of the cue-centered therapy approach for youth with post-traumatic symptoms. The cue-centered therapy is an evidence-based treatment program designed to treat children with repeated trauma exposure.

MAY 2019/ HappiDoc/ Learn More >

Reducing Protections for Noncitizen Children — Exacerbating Harm and Trauma by Drs. Ryan Matlow and Daryn Reicherter

A translation deal concerning one of our titles will directly facilitate the training of healthcare specialists in Puerto Rico, to tackle the effects of grief and anxiety suffered by children following Hurricane María in 2017.

JAN 2019/ NEJM/ Learn More >

Tackling the aftermath of Hurricane María by Oxford University Press

A translation deal concerning one of our titles will directly facilitate the training of healthcare specialists in Puerto Rico, to tackle the effects of grief and anxiety suffered by children following Hurricane María in 2017.

DEC 2018/ OUP/ Learn More >

Víctor Carrión, psiquiatra infantil | Entrevista | El País Semanal

This child psychiatrist has spent two decades researching at Stanford University how stress shapes the brains of children. Defend the need to teach them to be more resilient. It has launched a yoga and relaxation program in schools in San Francisco to help students manage anxiety. In this conversation, he recommends that parents give their children autonomy. And he notes with concern the excessive use of technology.

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SCOPE- California setting a new path for mental health services

  At the time, I thought it was an odd proposal. California voters in November 2004 were asked to approve a state-wide proposition that would tax individuals making over a million dollars to create a revenue stream to reform and fund mental health services. I cast a “yes” vote knowing how difficult it is for any state legislature to fully fund mental health programs; the proposition was approved by 53.8 percent

DEC 2016/ PODCAST/ Learn More >

RESILIENCE- The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope

Researchers have recently discovered a dangerous biological syndrome caused by abuse and neglect during childhood. As the new documentary Resilience reveals, toxic stress can trigger hormones that wreak havoc on the brains and bodies of children, putting them at a greater risk for disease, homelessness, prison time, and early death.

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Interacting Minds Centre (IMC)- Bootcamp on Stress

Why did stress evolve, and how is stress relevant in a modern social context?  This workshop brings together leading researchers, including Prof. Joe Herbert from the University of Cambridge and Prof. Victor Carrion from Stanford University, to give their perspective on this interdisciplinary research topic.

AUG 2016/ Aarhus, Denmark/  Watch Videos >      

Understanding Anxiety and Stress in Early Life

presented by: Dr. Victor Carrión, M.D.

JUNE 2016/ Palo Alto, CA/ Watch Webinar>


Live Sonima

Sonima announces a fantastic new partnership between the Sonima Foundation and Dr. Victor Carrion of Stanford University in which they endeavor to understand how yoga and mindfulness can help children in their emotional and social lives.

2015/ YOUTUBE/ Learn More>



follows a year in the life of an alternative high school that has radically changed its approach to disciplining its students, becoming a promising model for how to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disease that affect families.

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The Raising of America - Wounded Places

The Raising of America - Wounded Places: Confronting Childhood PTSD in America’s Shell-Shocked Cities

FEB 2015/ Palo Alto, CA / Watch Trailer >

The Raising of America - Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation

NOV 2015/ Palo Alto, CA/ Watch Trailer >

Public Forum: Talking About Race: Science, Politics, Art

MAY 2014/ New York, New York/ Learn More >

PBS NewsHour with Victor Carrion, MD

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool in treating post-traumatic stress disorder in teens. In this PBS NewsHour segment, Victor Carrion, MD, explains how.

MAR 2014/ Palo Alto, CA/ Watch Video >

MIND THE BRAIN - Dealing with Psychological Trauma in Children: Answers from Neuroscience, Community Initiatives, and Clinical Trials for Treating Childhood PTSD

On December 14th, 2012 the unthinkable happened. A gunman fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members in a mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut.  This incident is the second deadliest school shooting in American History.  

APR 2013/ BLOG/ Learn More >

Science Bulletins: Brains Change with Trauma

American Museum of Natural History

This story highlights recent work by Victor Carrion's team at the Stanford University Early Life Stress Research Program that shows how adverse events in childhood can make an early mark on brain function.

JUL 2011/ Washington D.C. / Watch Video >


Policy and Advocacy

Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC)

The role of the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) is to oversee the implementation of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in California.  The MHSOAC is also responsible for developing strategies to overcome stigma.  At any time, the MHSOAC may advise the Governor or the Legislature on mental health policy.  Dr. Carrion is the Attorney General’s appointee to this Commission where he Chairs the Cultural and Linguistic Competence Committee and is Vice-Chair of the Evaluation Committee.

to learn more about the the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission please visit the website:

Changing Minds Campaign  

Futures Without Violence, in collaboration with the Ad Council, has partnered with the US Department of Justice to create Changing Minds. Launching on October 19, 2016, the campaign will 1) educate on the problem of childhood trauma and the solutions that exist; 2) advance programs and practices that help to make schools, homes, and communities safer for children and youth, and 3) help grow leadership in various fields (e.g., education, health, community, and justice). 

Early trauma in the home, school or community can affect children throughout their lives. The Changing Minds campaign will engage teachers, coaches, counselors, nurses and other front-line adults who interact with kids on proven ways to help children heal from the trauma of witnessing violence in their school, home, or community.Dr. Carrión has provided scientifc consultation for the campaign

To learn more about Changing Minds Campaign please visit thei website at to learn more!

Research Publications

Victor Carrión, M.D.

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Ryan Matlow, Ph.D.

  • Reducing Protections for Noncitizen Children — Exacerbating Harm and Trauma New England Journal of Medicine Matlow, R., & Reicherter, D. 
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Elizabeth Reichert, Ph.D.

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To learn more about Dr. Reichert >

Hilit Kletter, Ph.D.

A prospective study of the association between caregiver psychopathology and symptom clusters in pediatric post-traumatic stress disorderJournal of Traumatic Stress
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To learn more about Dr. Kletter >

Flint Espil, Ph.D.

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