Trauma Resources and Interventions

Early Life Stress and Resilience Program

The Early Life Stress and Resilience Program (ELSRP) has compiled resources, interventions, and techniques suitable for various traumatic circumstances and holistic stress management.  We have four resource lists, each focused on a different audience: 1. those helping children and adolescents generally, 2. parents and caregivers, 3. frontline workers and mental health providers, and 4. teachers and educators. Each downloadable PDF begins with a compassion box to start the exploration of the resources.

 If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency or feel like you may be of harm to yourself or others, please contact your local hotlines or access national hotlines (U.S. Emergency 911 and Suicide Prevention 988 found here).

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Crisis Resources

24-7 Line for Youth:

A hotline for youth ages 7-24 providing supportive listening, crisis intervention, information and referrals

1(888) 247-7717


Crisis Line:

A contact line for anyone experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness, parental stress, or general hard times

1 (408) 850-6125


Anti-Hate Hotline:

service for listening, reporting and follow up of incidences of discrimination and hate crimes

1 (408) 279-0111


Advocacy Services:

Parents Helping Parents, provides family education, consultation on navigation of services, and parent-professional activities for families of children with disabilities 3-22 years old.

1(408) 727-5775


Local and Regional Resources

COVID -19 Early Life Stress and Resilience Program Resources

Articles, Education, Media, and Webinars


As COVID-19 continues to affect communities worldwide, we must remain conscientious of diverse, emergent health needs. ELSRP is promoting mental health wellness during the pandemic with resources by program faculty, links to information relevant to individuals and families, and daily live mindfulness and meditation sessions.

End the pandemic. Vaccines work

Each of us has an important role to play in ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you are eligible and able to do so. Once you are vaccinated, help stop the spread of infection to others by washing your hands, keeping your distance, and following local mask guidelines.

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Virtual Meditation Library

To learn more about the presenters please see their bio here.

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Dr. Carrión señala que la comunicación y la prevención son las herramientas con las que abordar una salud mental entre los jóvenes que se ha deteriorada por culpa de la pandemia.

My Hero Is You 2 - Stanford Medicine

My Hero is You 2: How Kids Can Hope with COVID-19 is the second series animation release in 2021.

Integrating Social, Emotional and Academic Success 

hosted by Pure Edge Inc - 3-hour seminar facilitated by Dr. Victor Carrion, Dr. Ryan Matlow, Dr. Travis Bradley and International Trainer Susana Cruylles 

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A Prescription for Nations from the Science of Healing from Trauma,

What Makes Up Your Mindwith Dr. Victor Carrion

Managing the Transition to Post-Pandemic Life with Dr. Victor Carrión

Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis

Dr. Victor Carrion: Coping with Back-to-School 2020

Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis

Holidays in the Time of Covid-19: Dr. Victor Carrion

Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis

COVID-19 Effects on Surgical Care Expert 

A COVID-19 special report on stress and grief management during the crisis -AO Foundation in Switzerland


My Hero Is You - Stanford Medicine

This video is an adaptation of the children’s book, My Hero is You, released in early 2020 to help educate children around the world about COVID-19.

Reset: A Resource Toolkit

Informational Webinar to reset for well-being during the time of COVID-19 and whenever life demands.To access more please link here

Episode 14: Hidden and Here Mini-series - Part 3

The Hidden and Here Mini-series aims to use storytelling to highlight and educate clinicians on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on caregivers, non-physician essential workers and teachers. 

Episode 14: Hidden and Here Mini-series - Part 1

The Hidden and Here Mini-series aims to use storytelling to highlight and educate clinicians on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on caregivers, non-physician essential workers and teachers. 

Talking to Young People about COVID-19

The webinar reflects on the anxieties that children and transition aged youth are likely to be experiencing during the pandemic and how to address these anxieties. 

Heart, Mind, and Body: Saving Superman

A panel discussion on Educator Self-Care- Pure Edge Inc

Worry, Stress and Anxiety: How to Manage it

A presentation on coping, staying healthy and benefitting from life’s challenges.

Self-Care & Stress Management for First Responders During COVID-19- Module 2 

The mental health experts at Stanford University share this two-part series to support mental and physical health. 

The Great Race: A COVID-19 Story

Animation on COVID- 19. Wear a mask. Together we are stronger. Scientists are encouraging everyone to wear masks to control the spread of COVID-19. 

How to Beat Stress in a Pandemic

Identifying characteristics of stress and discussion techniques to recognize and lessen stress at every age

El psiquiatra infantil Víctor G. Carrión: “Es un error pensar que los niños afrontan mejor las crisis: son más vulnerables”


Victor Carrion, MD: Studying How Mindfulness Relieves Traumatic Stress


Cue-Centered Therapy for Youth Experiencing Posttraumatic Symptoms


Increased Risk of Suicide Due to Economic and Social Impacts of Social Distancing Measures to Address the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Forecast


The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence


Opinion: Staying connected is crucial for our mental health: How we can ward off coronavirus fears, anxiety, anger and feelings of frustration


What Makes Up Your Mind: Child and Adolescent Trauma-  Discussion with Dr. Victor Carrion 


How to Talk with Kids About COVID-19



The Pediatric Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Clinic

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SCOPE 10K - Stanford School of Medicine- Discussion with Dr. Victor Carrion  


Discussion on US "Remain in Mexico" Policy



How to Entertain Your Young Children During a Quarantine


COVID-19 Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Resources

Articles, Education, Media, and Webinars

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department Resources related to COVID-19

Community Resources

Articles, Education, Media, Webinars and Other Resources

Pure Edge Inc. presents:Estrategias de manejo de estrés frente a Covid-19 para estudiantes universitarios

Pure Edge Inc. presents: Estrategias Eficaces para Calmar a los Niños

Pure Edge Inc. presents: Preocupación, Estrés y Ansiedad: Cómo Gestionarlos

Pure Edge Inc. presents: Estrategias Eficaces para Calmar a los Niños

Pure Edge Inc. presents: Heart, Mind & Body: Understanding Grief and Adaptation to COVID Loss

Pure Edge has provided free media resources for families, caregivers, and educators addressing these topics in English and Spanish:

Brain Breaks

A Peek Inside the Amazing Brain

K-5 Resources

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