Giving to the Institute: Your Support Makes a Difference

Investigators in the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine are working at the frontiers of research to make stem cell discoveries that can be translated into new treatments and cures for children and adults who are stricken with debilitating or fatal diseases.

Private support has long been an essential part of the Stanford stem cell effort. In fact, it was a large financial gift from an anonymous donor that created a solid foundation for the institute when it was established. Many other financial gifts, large and small, have significantly advanced stem cell science over the years, allowing researchers to make far more progress than they otherwise could. Because of current restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research, private funds have allowed the investigation of critical scientific questions that could not otherwise be answered. In addition, numerous individuals and couples have furthered research in non-monetary ways, by donating tissues such as embryos and oocytes.

Through financial and other contributions, supporters of the institute play a significant role in advancing vital research programs, enabling Stanford to employ the world's top stem cell scientists, pursue and support groundbreaking research, and provide the technologies and facilities needed to translate discoveries into new therapies.

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