Catherine Carswell-Crumpton

Director, FACS core

Margaret (Peggy) Cuadro

Assistant to Dr. Ravi Majeti


Heather Gentner    

Director of Finance and Administration

Amy Lang

Administrator for Dr. Marius Wernig

Cheng Pan

FACS core

Linda Quinn, PhD

Administrator to Dr. Irv Weissman

Mary Tsukamoto

Facilities Specialist

Linda Heneghan

Building Manager

Melisa Chin

Student Services Specialist

Nandi Daru

Research Administrator

Evelyn Hernandez

Finance Manager

Ruth Obal

Human Resources Administrator

Joe Pasillas


FACS core

Ravi Majeti, MD, PhD


Christopher Vaughan

Communications Manager

Fintan Coleman

Financial Analyst

Amy Erickson

Human Resources Manager

Shota Homma

Assistant to Dr. Hiro Nakauchi

Liying Ou

Adminstrator to Drs. Philip Beachy, Kyle Loh and Lay Teng Ang

Diane Qin

Financial Analyst

Gerald Spangrude, PhD

Director, Graduate Program

Mai Vuong

Senior Financial Analyst