FACS Core Policies

Stanford Stem Cell FACS Core Policies 6/2022

Historically the flow cytometry requirements of investigators in the Stem Cell Institute have

differed from the flow cytometry needs of other research groups

• Easy access to flow cytometers is critical to being able to conduct this research.

• Round-the-clock access is crucial. When time-sensitive samples arrive from surgery, an

investigator has a very small window of opportunity to prepare the cells and get them onto a cell

sorter for further experiments.

• Stem cell researchers need to be able to work independently.

• A dedicated space for flow cytometry that allows for safe sorting of potentially biohazardous

human cell samples is required. We have developed a model of self-service flow cytometry, so

that we can ensure that investigators in the Institute have access to a fleet of cytometers 24 hours

a day, 7 days a week conveniently located in the building at a minimal cost.

The following are policies for using the Stanford Stem Cell FACS Core:

1. All users must be trained by the Stem Cell FACs Core staff. Since users are responsible for all

aspects of instrument operation, this training is more vigorous than that experienced at some

other Cores. It includes theory, safety, setup, performance checking, operation, shutdown,

troubleshooting, scheduling guidelines, and data backup policies.

2. Upon successful completion of the training, users will be given user accounts on individual

instruments, access to the calendar scheduling system, and an account for data backup on

Stanford’s Medicine Box.

3. Training classes are occurring all the time, but due to high demand, there is a waiting list to

get a spot in a class. Requests for training may be made by email to Cathy

Crumpton(crumpton@stanford.edu) and should include sunet ID and PI.

4. Access to the flow cytometers is limited to principal investigators in ISCRBM and those

housed within the building only.

5. It is not recommended that temporary staff or rotation students be enrolled in training, as it

takes some time to learn to use the instrumentation properly, and it is not in the scope of a

temporary rotation to master this skill.

6. Users will be billed for time scheduled on the calendar or instruments user log whichever is


7. All users must follow the safety practices as outlined in the training process. Failure to follow

safety precautions can result in loss of FACS privileges.

8. Each lab should have a designated “expert” (or experts) to augment the FACS Core Training.

While the Core training will teach the basic principles, the experimental design and details will

come from the experience of the investigator’s lab. New trainees should work with the “expert”

until they gain enough experience to work on their own.

9. Users will follow the current SOP for decontamination of the instrument and work area.

Our current SOP is labeled 6/6/2022 Stage 3 COVID