About Us

The Stanford Diabetes Coaches course is an innovative model of health education that trains high school students to coach their diabetic family members. Based on proven adult models, we developed a highly structured 8-week course to train adolescents who have diabetic family members to become diabetes self-management coaches. The course focuses on communication skills and coaching skills with an emphasis on action planning and diabetes knowledge content including blood sugar monitoring, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, planning healthy meals, stress reduction, physical activity and working with your health care provider.

Although we hope the course will benefit the diabetic family members, our ultimate goal is to empower high school students with knowledge and skills to make healthy lifestyle choices. Students have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the course. 

You're not only helping yourselves by learning how to manage diabetes, but you're helping others to accomplish their goals of diabetes management. 

Partners with medical institutions and high schools in the US and Canada.