About Us


The goal of the SYDCP is to address the growing problem of diabetes and related complications, especially in populations who are medically underserved. SYDCP empowers healthy youth to make positive changes in their own lives to prevent chronic illness. The program is designed to give students an important role in community health and to improve the health of patients with diabetes.

Course Design

The course consists of eight, one hour, highly structured classes that are given once a week for 8 weeks.  Each class is comprised of an accompanying script for instructors, power point presentation, quiz for students, and weekly coaching assignment (available in English and Spanish). In addition to teaching basic diabetes knowledge, the course includes rigorous instruction on nutrition, healthy meal planning, physical activity, healthy weight maintenance, stress reduction, and developing partnerships with health care professionals.  Communication skills, problem solving techniques, and goal setting through action plans are also emphasized.

Program Evaluation

The effect of the program is evaluated by giving pre-tests to students before the first class and post-tests after the last class.  For over twelve years, the SYDCP research team has demonstrated that this program is highly effective (see Publications). You may elect to evaluate the efficacy of your implementation using the evaluation materials provided here.

You're not only helping yourselves by learning how to manage diabetes, but you're helping others to accomplish their goals of diabetes management. 

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