Implementing SYDCP

To implement SYDCP, you need to identify: 

1. Where to recruit high school student participants 

2. Where to recruit SYDCP instructors. 

The best way to engage high school students is to collaborate with high schools to include SYDCP in their curriculum.  SYDCP was designed specifically to help students from under-resourced communities with more than 50% eligible for free or discounted lunch. The best way to find instructors to teach SYDCP is to reach out to family medicine residency programs or other health professional training programs in your community.  

Please review this video to see why it benefits family medicine residency programs to provide SYDCP.

Integrating SYDCP into Family Medicine Residency Programs

At the beginning, it is helpful to have a sponsoring community organization such as your Area Health Education Center(AHEC) which can connect the high schools with the health organization providing the instructors.  Another potential resource is your local SNAP-Ed office.  In 2022, SYDCP was selected as one of the SNAP-Ed evidence-based interventions.

To learn more about how to launch SYDCP, please refer to the Process Map and Check List.

If you are ready to start providing SYDCP in your community, please review the attached licensing agreement and our IRB required letter of agreement.  After you have reviewed, for next steps or more information, please email us at